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Would it be possible to access the Blockchain domain using a web browser?

Also do you think that you are not fully able to access full Blockchain domains with extensions like crypto, wallet, blockchain etc. on your browser? So, for that you don’t have to worry because it is very easy to access it and we have a solution for you. through it Quantum AI. We are going to show you how you can easily access blockchain domains on different browsers.

The blockchain has evolved over the years with quite impressive progress. Several different avenues are open to increase the profitability and efficiency of this distributed technology. It gives you a platform to communicate without needing each other on both sides. This is the reason why blockchain is considered as the technology of the future because of this feature. There are many improvements to do with the blockchain, including creating your domain, accessible with any other web browser. Let’s try to learn some basics of the Blockchain field through this blog:

Let’s start:

Speaking of digitization, it has brought about many changes in the transformation of our business world, which makes the reason even easier. Today, more and more customers are purchasing a variety of services and goods through online platforms. If you see the traffic on the online portal, the data in it itself attracts more hackers, that’s why your data becomes vulnerable to it. This shows the fact that this security measure is attracting more and more attention, as well as it can be quite effective in providing security. Blockchain is a viable solution, it can be a good idea when considering Blockchain web domain. For starters, web domains can be purchased for a one-time fee with a monthly fee. The web domain is completely decentralized with no authority from any central authority.

Access Blockchain Domain in Browser

If you are using a good browser like Opera browser with regular web browsing, you can easily access blockchain domains through these browsers. These browsers support blockchain networks as well as protocols. You don’t have to do anything else after updating to up-to-date versions with a good browser. If you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge, this article is specially designed for you to show you how to access blockchain or crypto domains easily.

Google Chrome

Blockchain on Google Chrome can allow domain access via –

  • First, go to the toolbar, then use the three-dot button, then go to the configuration page.

  • Select Privacy to Protect

  • Click to select Security


To Access Blockchain Domain with Firefox-

  • Access the Settings page from the menu

  • Go to the Settings page, scroll down and then click on Settings with Network Settings.

  • To enable DNS over HTTPS, a box next to it must be checked.

Microsoft Edge

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when accessing the blockchain domain through Edge:

  • First, go to the toolbar and then click on the three-dot menu.

  • After selecting Settings from the menu, in the sidebar you need to click on it to select services such as Search and Privacy.


With Blockchain technology, we can all have a better future because it is used in many cases, the number of which is increasing every day, with which there is a lot of growth among Blockchain professionals. This technology is developing rapidly and at the same time, the only best way to be a part of this technology is to enroll in the Blockchain certification program.