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WhatsApp will have two-step verification on web and desktop

Two-step verification (2FA) is a mechanism that adds an additional layer of protection to the usual layer for logins in user accounts that have this possibility enabled, thus trying to protect them against possible attempts by third parties.

WhatsApp has already allowed two-step verification to be enabled in its mobile apps for Android and iOS for several years now, but they are now working to bring this capability to web and desktop versions in a future update.

The idea is that this feature will become present wherever users access their accounts to communicate with family and friends through the service provided by WhatsApp.

Enhanced web and desktop account protection

At the moment it is a feature that is in the development phase, not being functional at the moment, although from WABetaInfo they have come to have access to it, sharing a series of details.

From the outset, this will be an optional security feature that users can turn on and off at any time, as they deem appropriate based on each situation.

This last point will be interesting at times when the mobile phone may have been lost, and even the possibility of establishing the connection via the e-mail account associated with the account is not available.

At this time, when the new feature may be available to all users is unknown. It will also join many other features that have been in development and will finally arrive for all users throughout this year.

There is no doubt about the importance of WhatsApp news, being a service used by more than two billion users worldwide, so any news, no matter how insignificant, is very relevant given the extent of users who use this service all over the world.

As in other aspects, we just have to wait for this feature to reach different phases until it becomes a stable feature for all users. And it is that many times it can be more comfortable to use WhatsApp on the desktop than on mobile devices.

And this will be the office where we will see some of the advances that the company is preparing.