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WhatsApp Web gets a TRAFFIC LIGHT for safety! Try this browser extension

WhatsApp Web in its latest update gets the Code Verify browser extension which provides real-time verification for login. Learn more here.

WhatsApp is already one of the safest ways to text someone. With its end-to-end encryption on the mobile app and web versions, it becomes very difficult to access someone else’s chat history. If you thought that was enough, a WhatsApp web extension, called Code Verify, has now added a new feature to its WhatsApp web service that makes it an even more secure texting platform. This new big new security update comes in the form of a browser extension on Chrome.

The Code Verify extension claims to “provide real-time, third-party verification that the code running someone’s WhatsApp web hasn’t been tampered with.” In plain English, this means that the Code Verify extension will add an extra layer of security once you scan the QR code. It will keep you updated in real time about the security status of your session. You get real-time indicators to know if you are safe or not.

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WhatsApp Web Code Verify is like a traffic light

Powered by Cloudflare, the Code Verify extension will verify the hash code published by the WhatsApp web server and the one actually used in real time. When someone uses the extension, it automatically compares the code running on WhatsApp Web with that of the code verified by WhatsApp itself and shared with the Cloudflare server. If there is a mismatch, you are alerted. Everything happens in real time.

Users will see an indicator pinned to their web browser. It will stay green as long as you are logged in and everything is safe. If there is a code mismatch, it means another extension or app has tampered with your security and the code check indicator will turn red. In this case, users can try to log in again or just use the mobile app for added security. If the indicator remains orange, it means the WhatsApp web sessions have timed out or the Code Verify extension has been terminated by another extension.

If you use WhatsApp Web and are concerned about security, you can download the Code Verify extension on Google Chrome, FireFox, and Microsoft Edge. Once you install the Code Verify extension, it will be automatically pinned to Firefox and Edge browsers. Note that Chrome users will need to pin it manually.