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What would a Chromium-only web look like? – OS news

Many argue that the diversity of browser engines is the backbone of the open web – not only providing interoperability and user choice, but also a bulwark protecting the web from centralization.

So my ears perked up when I recently heard from a well-placed contact that “many members of the Chromium community are advocating for a Chromium-only web.” While the Chrome team (and friends) have long opposed what they perceive to be the painstaking implementation of cutting-edge web-based extensions by other browsers, it’s a big step forward that to advocate for a Web with a single browser engine.

I feel like we are already there. It’s all made to work in Chrome, and if you’re not using Chrome, just hope the sites you need keep working. Chrome has long since amassed critical mass for total dominance – those last few percentage points don’t make a material difference.