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Web versions of OneDrive and Microsoft Lists become installable PWAs

Microsoft plans to turn its OneDrive cloud storage service into progressive web applications (PWAs). Indeed, the company recently announced via the Microsoft 365 admin center post that OneDrive for Business will be available as a progressive web app on Windows and macOS via web browsers in July 2021.

This version will allow any OneDrive for Business user to install the web app by simply tapping the plus icon available to the right of the address bar. “Users in your organization will be able to install OneDrive Progressive Web App (PWA) on their computers from Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, or another browser that supports Progressive Web Apps (except Safari). They’ll be able to pin and launch the app from their computer’s Home screen or taskbar, and perform the same actions they’re used to when working in the web version of OneDrive, ”explained the society.

In addition to OneDrive for Business, the new Microsoft Lists app will also get similar treatment next month. This update will allow users to install Microsoft Lists as a desktop app from Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or other Chromium-based browsers that natively support PWAs. According to Microsoft 365 roadmap, the new PWA-based lists app will begin rolling out to customers of targeted releases in early July.

For those unfamiliar with PWAs, PWAs are basically websites, but these apps come with improved caching support, background features, and notification features to make them appear like traditional applications. The software giant has been studying PWAs since 2018 and is currently testing new Microsoft Teams and “One Outlook” web applications.

Overall, the new PWA experience should make it easier for users to manage or download files and maintain lists on their computers. Do you see yourself using the new OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Lists PWAs, or do you prefer to access these apps in your browser? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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