Tribute to Tillman Riverside Mortuary during Natl’s Black Affairs Month


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“I think most blacks will come to the South where they had nothing, they had nothing, or they couldn’t afford to leave for the heirs,” says Albert Leon Tillman. low. And the grandchildren, great grandchildren, will have something if they like this job. Something that lasts, lasts, lasts, and has the potential to last. “

Historically, black businesses have declined under the Jim Crow Act. 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre..

Tillman was born in 1936 in Georgetown, South Carolina. He moved to Riverside about 37 years ago and founded the Celebration River, known as “Tilly’s Funeral Hall,” the oldest black-owned burial hall in Riverside County.

Albert Leon Tillman started the Tillman Riverside Mortuary in 1983. (Photo courtesy of Tillman Riverside Mortuary)

Initially, Tillman pursued a career in computer science, but changed career paths when he entered California University of Funeral Sciences in 1970. He has been licensed as an Undertaker and Curator since 1972. His career change is attributed to one’s ability or “quest” to help people in times of distress. For Tillman, helping people in the darkest times seemed more beneficial than pursuing IT.

Tillman was a first generation funeral director and now runs a family business Tillman Riverside Mouturery with his youngest daughter, Ratagna C. Tillman, and granddaughter, Ashlyn C. McNeill Tillman.

Running a family business

“And so far, thank goodness. I was very lucky because I am here with my daughter. She is essentially the financial director of the company. And the phone My granddaughter is in my place, CEO and business owner here, ”says Tillman. “We think, and I hope it will come to pass, [of] Open the second location. ”

As a self-proclaimed family-oriented man, Tillman enjoys working with his family. He first asked his son to participate in the morgue business, but he pursued a legal career. Her eldest daughter pursued an educational career. His youngest daughter, La Tanya, is interested in getting involved in business and is currently a funeral director and licensed notary.

Her granddaughter Ashlyn is currently vice president and general manager of the company. She is also a licensed funeral director and apprentice embalmer.

Tillman stands alongside his daughter Ratagna C. Tillman and granddaughter Ashlyn C. McNeill Tillman, all of whom run a family business Tillman Riverside Motary. (Photo courtesy of Tillman Riverside Mortuary)

“It’s hard to believe working with them, but it’s nice to work with them. I can barely see it because I’m late. I’m still a head embalmer here. “Tillman explained. “But it was pretty good. Thank God for doing well.

Depending on the activity of the morgue, Mr. Tillman rarely interacts with his family. He starts his days at 7 am and works on the antiseptic treatment of the back, the dressing, the accompaniment and the orientation. Tillman can’t leave the prep room until 8 or 9 p.m., when his daughter and granddaughter may have already left.

The Tillman Riverside Mortuary offers a variety of services including traditional and non-traditional funeral services, casket and jar options, and bereavement counseling. In 1995, the original building was demolished and rebuilt to include a chapel, casket room and additional offices.

The Tillman Riverside Mortuary added a chapel to the building when it was rebuilt in 1995. (Photo courtesy of Tillman Riverside Mortuary)

“The service you provided in taking care of my son Sebastian O. Simpson from August 9-10, 2021 was excellent. We, the Simpson & Jefferson family, have received your professional training. I am very satisfied with the staff. The kindness they have shown and expressed that my son has taken care of you for the past few hours. the voice of the customer Left by the customer. “We were very satisfied with the overall result of the service. Good job. The presentation of my son’s Oh My God tapestry was brilliant to say the least. We like it. Thanks to Simpson & Jefferson Family & Friends for your kind heartfelt service. ”

Black corporate heritage

When Tillman first moved to Riverside, there were far fewer black businesses. He became a member of the first black organization founded in communities such as the Black Chamber of Commerce.

Leading the community as a longtime black business owner inspired Tillman. He was fortunate enough to return to the community by donating to a local black church that funds youth education.

“I donated $ 500 a year to all of these churches and all of the black churches that sponsor young people who attend these churches,” Tillman said. “This is one of my inspirations. It’s about supporting and trying to support the education of black youth.

As National Black Business Month continues throughout August, Tillman provides advice on growing black businesses and successful black entrepreneurs.

“Well, to build, you have to spend money in the community. We need to hire and do whatever we can, but as a black company we can help each other. “I will,” Tillman said. “We have to work together. “

Tillman Riverside Personally. (Photo courtesy of Tillman Riverside Mortuary)

For 11 years as past president of the California Funeral Director & Embalming Association, Tillman explored how the organization participated and flourished in the community by organizing a food drive and providing backpacks for school children. . Explain. Tillman demands that black companies invest in each other.

“If we don’t start to join together and start doing things with each other, we black people will stay in 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th class. For each other, us. It’s getting worse and worse, ”explained Tilman. “And I hate it. I hate that.”

“I’m going to ask black businesses and people who are going now [in]For businesses, some of the first things we need to do are try to get along with other black businesses and promote their business, ”Tillman said.

The Tillman Riverside Mortuary is located on the riverside at 2874 Tenth Street.

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