Top 8 alternatives to the GitHub co-pilot


Last month Microsoft, together with OpenAI, launched Copilot, an AI programmer. Copilot is based on OpenAI Codex, an AI system formed on open source code. It contextualizes a situation using docstrings, function names, comments, and previous code to best generate and suggest what it considers to be the most relevant code.

The tool works with various frameworks and languages ​​like JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, Go, Ruby, etc.

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Currently, Copilot is available for technical overview. In this article, we explore open source alternatives to GitHub Copilot.


Asm-Dude is a visual studio extension for assembly syntax highlighting and code completion in assembly files and disassembly windows. Key features include syntax highlighting and descriptions, documentation links, code completion, code folding, structure help, and tag analysis. Consult the source code here.


Built on Electron (formerly Atom Shell), Atom is an open source text and code editor developed by GitHub for macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux, supporting plugins written in Javascript and integrated Git control. Electron is a framework that enables cross-platform desktop applications using Node.js and Chromium.

Six years ago, Atom released its beta version 1.0. It is customizable in CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Captain Pile

Captain Stack is similar to the code suggestion from GitHub Copilot. But, instead of using AI, it sends your search query to Google and retrieves responses and autofill from StackOverflow. However, it only works with VS code, which makes it a particularly Copilot analogue, and is configured as a VSCode extension.


Clara is an alternative to Github Copilot for VSCode. As for the features, it supports almost 50 programming languages ​​and gives developers the snipers in an instant. View the source code at Github.


GPT-Code-Clippy (GPT-CC) is an open source version of GitHub co-pilot, a language model refined on publicly available code from Github. It is based on GPT-3. Discover the VSCode extension of GPT-CC here.

In addition, the GPT-CC models are refined versions of GPT-2 and GPT-Neo. Available models can be found here.

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Kite is an AI-based programming assistant that helps developers write Python code in JupyterLab. The platform allows developers to write faster by recording keystrokes and displaying the right information at the right time.

At a high level, Kite offers Line of code completions powered by machine learning models trained across the open source code universe and instant documentation for symbols under the cursor so that the developer can save time searching for Python documents. Check out the source code and additional details about Kite here.

Second companion

Second Mate is an open source mini knock-off of Github co-pilot using EleutherAI GPT-Neo – 2.7 billion parameters (via Huggingface Model Hub) for Emacs. It’s a much smaller model, so it’s probably not as efficient as Copilot.

You complete me

YouCompleteMe is a code completion, understanding and refactoring engine for Vigor. It has several built-in completion engines and supports any protocol compliant language server.

It contains an identifier-based engine that works with all programming languages. It provides native semantic code completion for C, C ++, Objective-C, CUDA using a powerful clangd based engine and more. Check out the source code and details about YouCompleteMe at Github.

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Amit Raja Naik

Amit Raja Naik

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