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Top 6 CMS for Core Web Vitals

HTTPArchive has released the latest rankings of top performing content management systems (CMS). We review the rankings of six popular CMSs and find that the top performing CMSs outperform their competitors by huge margins.

We continue to review data for the United States geographic region as before.

The global data is slightly different from the US data, but not so much as to change the ranking position of any of the reviewed CMSs.

How Core Web Vitals CMS Rankings Are Determined

the HTTPArchive uses two datasets in order to arrive at the basic Web Vitals ranking of all content management systems.

The datasets used by HTTPArchive are:

  1. CRuX Dataset
  2. Laboratory data set

CRuX Dataset

The CRuX dataset comes from actual website visits by real people who have chosen to anonymously consent to the collection of Core Web Vitals data from the websites they visit.

Laboratory data set

The lab’s dataset comes from a crawler that collects data from millions of websites. The lab data simulates the mobile device and mobile connectivity to arrive at the ranking scores.

These two sets of data are used to determine the base Web Vitals scores for all CMSs and released for review.

Champion #1 Core Web Vitals: Duda

Duda is a professional website building platform that allows businesses to get online quickly without having to worry about the underlying technology.

The goal is to give customers the ability to focus on their business while Duda takes care of the technology. It’s an approach shared by other companies like Wix and Squarespace.

Of these three website building platforms, Duda continues to dominate.

When we last looked at data from the HTTPArchive Technology Report, Duda led the pack by a significant margin.

This trend continues with the latest published performance data, which is from February 2022.

The percentage of websites built with Duda that had good baseline Web Vitals performance was 77.3%.

In October 2021, the percentage of performing websites was 69.3%.

Duda’s performance benchmark improved by 8%.

A comparison of the three website building platforms in this review is as follows:

SaaS Website Builders CWV Score Comparison

  • Duda 77.3%
  • 54.0%
  • Square space 42.8%

Duda not only leads the competition, they edge them out by exceptionally wide margins.

Wix, the second leading competing website builder, trails Duda by more than 23 percentage points.

In a way, this shouldn’t be surprising because the last time we spoke to Duda, they indicated that website performance was an important goal for them.

They shared this data-driven approach to identifying areas for improvement and then rolling out updates to customers’ websites so they can experience better and faster performance.

A Duda spokesperson shared:

“Thanks to this data-driven approach, we were able to identify opportunities for improvement.

We have implemented these improvements and verified the improvement again using our BI tool.

This successful iterative approach allowed us to increase scores over time. »

#2 Champion of Core Web Vitals: Drupal

The second CWV champion is the open source CMS Drupal, overtaking the second place which was previously held by Wix.

In the previous survey, the percentage of Drupal sites with a good Web Vitals score was 50.2%.

This year, Drupal tops Wix with a score of 58.2%, with Wix trailing by four percentage points, with a score of 54.0%.

Champion #3 of Core Web Vitals: Wix

This time around, rather than improving performance, the percentage of sites with core web vitals actually decreased.

This helped move Wix from the #2 position to behind Wix at the #3 position.

In the latest survey, Wix performance was 55.3% of sites built with Wix enjoying a satisfactory baseline Web Vitals score.

This year, Wix performance actually dropped to 54.0%.

Champion #4 Core Web Vitals: Squarespace

Squarespace takes a leap forward with a big performance boost to its platform.

In the previous survey, Squarespace was ranked at 31.45% of sites passing CWV. This time around, 42.84% of Squarespace sites have a satisfactory CWV score.

Champion #5 Core Web Vitals: WordPress

WordPress retains the 5 spot, which is the same position it was ranked in October.

WordPress performance increased from 31% to 37.4%.

This is a significant improvement which may reflect the great work of the WordPress performance team working within WordPress to improve the running speed of WordPress.

The WordPress performance team recently released an experimental performance plugin as part of their effort to try out performance improvements before making it the main core of WordPress.

Future versions of WordPress might see more improvements.

Champion #6 Core Web Vitals: Joomla

Joomla was not in the rankings the last time we looked at the HTTPArchive results.

According to HTTPArchive, Joomla had a score of 30.5% in September 2021, when results were reported in October.

This time around, Joomla jumps just behind WordPress with a score of 35%, just two percentage points behind WordPress.

Here are the top-ranked CMSs based on measured Core Web Vitals performance:

Highest ranked CMS by Core Web Vitals

Duda was the number one rated CMS by Core Web Vitals Performance in October and it continues to hold the top spot as it continues to focus on improving its Web Vitals scores resulting in remarkable gains with significant margins.

Core Web Vitals Technology Report

Core Web Vitals Content Management System Performance Ranking

Duda’s score of 77.3% is more than twice the fifth place ranking of WordPress, which is currently the most popular CMS in the world.

Obviously, if web performance is important to a business, there are CMSs other than WordPress to choose from.

But don’t count WordPress yet because their performance team is catching up fast.


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