Top 5 Exclusive Minecraft Bedrock Features Gamers Want In Java Edition


While the base gameplay on Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition is the same, players learn many differences after playing both versions. As the two editions are coded using separate programming languages, they cannot be completely identical.

In the Minecraft community, players are still debating which is better, between Java and Bedrock Edition. Both editions have their advantages and disadvantages. Many Java Edition players call their version “higher” but still want certain features of Bedrock Edition.

This article shares some exclusive Bedrock features that gamers would like to see in Minecraft Java Edition. With each update, Mojang tries to bring parity between the two editions. Players can get these features in Java Edition in future updates.

Exclusive Bedrock features players need in Minecraft

5) ray tracing

Minecraft Bedrock players can experience RTX ray tracing and PBR (physical rendering). Last year, Mojang released this feature exclusively for Windows 10 gamers. To use RTX ray tracing, gamers will need powerful computers with capable GPUs.

Ray tracing has yet to be officially released for Minecraft Bedrock. Players can access it by signing up for the beta. Unfortunately, there is no ray tracing news for Java Edition.

4) Movable tile entities

Players often speak negatively about Minecraft Bedrock’s redstone system. But it does have a pretty useful redstone feature that Java Edition lacks. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, players can push tile entities using pistons.

Tile entities, also known as block entities, are blocks that contain additional information such as chests, hoppers, ovens, etc. By pushing these blocks, Bedrock players can create redstone gear not possible in Java.

From now on, Java players must rely on the Carpet mod to move the tile entities.

3) Easy trident breeding

Many mob drops have a different rate in Bedrock Edition compared to Java Edition. One of the rarer crowd drops in Java Edition, Trident is quite common in Bedrock Edition.

With the Looting III enchantment, Java players have an 11.5% chance of getting a trident by killing a drowned man who has a trident in their hand, while Bedrock players have a 37% chance of getting a trident.

2) Improved Cauldron

Cauldron Water Dye in 0.14.0 - MCPE: Recent and Upcoming PE Updates - Minecraft: Pocket Edition - Minecraft Forum - Minecraft Forum

In Minecraft Java Edition, players can only fill cauldrons with lava and water. However, in Bedrock Edition, players can fill cauldrons with all kinds of potions. Players can use arrows on cauldrons filled with potions to get slanted arrows.

Players can also use dye on cauldrons filled with water to change their color. These cauldrons can then be used to color leather armor. By combining two or more colors, players can apply many types of shades to their leather armor,

1) The Wither is the real deal

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the boss Wither leads a real fight and can destroy an entire area if he is not killed quickly. Java players can trick Withers and kill them easily, but that doesn’t happen in the Bedrock Edition.

The Wither is faster in Bedrock Edition and shoots three blocks and a blue skull after targeting a player. Unlike the Java Edition, the Wither can summon Wither skeletons for protection when his health drops to 50%.

In Bedrock Edition, a Wither has 300 cores, while Java Edition has only 150. When he dies, Wither causes a massive explosion. Java players would like to go through the same hell as Bedrock players.

This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the author of the article.

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