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Top 10 Most Watched Web Series Last Week in India

All OTT platforms are set to launch summer-filled hit series, and it will kick off with their incredible lineup of shows last week. Moreover, it is expected that all OTT platforms will be filled with lots of original movies and shows in the coming days.

Last week, all OTT platforms released many categories of series, be it thriller, rom-com or action. This month of June, there are several series in which the public showed more love by watching mainly.

Here is a list of the 10 most-watched web series of the past week:

10. The Summer I Became Pretty


The love drama series is based on the love triangle between a sister and two brothers. The story of first love, first heartbreak and the magic of the perfect summer.

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9. Money Heist (Korean remake)

The Korean version of the Heist series produced by BH Entertainment and Content Zium Money-Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Area is mainly a South Korean Netflix Original show and an adaptation of the popular Spanish crime drama La Casa De {Papel (Money Heist). Alex Pina’s story was written by Ryu Yong-Jae, assisted by Choe Sung-Jun and Kim-Hwan-Chae.

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8. She

The story of an undercover mission to expose a drug ring becomes a shy Mumbai police officer’s road to empowerment as she feels a ger potential of dormant sexual potential.

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7. The Big Boss

It is a reality TV show hosted by Salman Khan. In this show, the contestants will be isolated from the outside world and the contestants live together in a house under live cameras while they monitor their film. They also perform many tasks and avoid eviction to declare.

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6. The Umbrella Academy

The story revolves around stopping the 1963 apocalypse, with the Umbrella Academy returning home with the presentation and belief that they too had prevented such an initial apocalypse and were also fixed once and for all in the chronology. After waiting for such a brief moment of celebration, they realized that things aren’t quite as they were left either.

He also enters the Sparrow Academy, Smart, Stylish and about as warming as the sea of ​​icebergs, with the sparrows appropriately clashing with the umbrellas in the fierce battle which also turned out to be the least of everyone’s concerns. . He also faced challenges, losses with many surprises, and also faced such an unidentified destructive entrance wreaking havoc in the universe, and now all that’s left to do is to convince the new and possible father’s best family to help them. put eight as what their arrival was badly done. They are expected to return to their apocalypse life.

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5. Man versus bee

This is Netflix’s upcoming comedy-drama series, the story of a homeless man looking for work and mistaken by a businesswoman for his new housekeeper. As Wacky hi-Jinks ensues as he tries to take care of this house while chasing such an ill-conceived bee.

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4. Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan’s superhuman powers have worked for the MCU before, Disney Plus’ brand new Ms. Marvel series installment has also been set to expose what might connect the hero and also his abilities to the real Captain Marvel of the tapes. Marvel comics.

Kamala Kha may not think so much of the vintage bracelet she can get in the wrapper as a gift from her grandmother Sana in Ms. Marvels in the first episode. Although they really put it on, she really feels there’s a lot more to the legacy than just meeting in the eye. Also, when transporting Kamala to the other plane taking a neon light bath, the bracelet simply opens her power to create a glowing construct with an unidentified power coming into her.

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Aashram is based on the good deeds of Indian Godman which serves criminal activities like rape, murder, fraud, vote bank politics and also forced emasculation of men. Justice and also some Crusaders investigate to look for him.

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2. The Boys

The story revolves around a group of vigilantes executed to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers.

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1. Suzhal: The Vortex

In a small town in southern India, there’s a seemingly routine minor case that explodes into a tried-and-true crime thriller that only tears the social fabric apart.

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