To take out a loan without a credit registration can at a negative listing


Despite the many offers of cheap money borrowing, it can still be quite difficult to take out a loan. The banks and mediators test the database of the Central Credit Office or see how many debts they have outstanding. They can also see if someone is behind with paying or has stopped paying off his loan.

End loan with negative Credit Registration

The Credit Registration Office registers every loan in the Netherlands that exceeds 500 euros. If one unexpectedly catches up then one gets a negative listing. Credit providers can thus see who has not paid on time. Even if you catch up, this negative listing can seriously affect you when applying for a new loan. A negative listing will remain visible in the database of the registration office for 5 years.

Do you still want credit but have you been turned down for a loan? Then a loan with negative credit registration is a good solution. There are a number of specialized credit providers that nevertheless provide credit to people with a negative credit registration.


A mini loan is a small credit that has a temporary character. The mini loan must usually be repaid within one month. The application can be arranged very quickly with a smartphone. Regular customers have the mini credit within their bank account within a few hours. If you lend for the first time, the application will take a little longer. The loan amount is also the first time lower than with regular customers. An application is simple. One fills in a number of data and sends the application form online. After approval, the money is transferred to your bank account. An important difference with an ordinary loan is that the borrowed money must be repaid within one month, including the costs. So keep this in mind if you are looking for a loan with negative credit registration.

Compare loans

By comparing loans you are more likely to find the cheapest credit. A loan with negative credit registration is sent to various credit providers. Upon approval of the online application you will receive offers of which loans are possible. You get a good picture of your options on credit.


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