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The Brave browser cuts another way to track your web activity

To further protect its browser users from unwanted online tracking, Brave Software has announced in a new blog post that it will add rebound protection to Brave.

Bounce tracking is another technique used by websites to track users across the web. The technique itself works by injecting additional sites between a site a user is currently visiting and another site they want to navigate to. Over time, these intermediary sites learn which websites a user has visited, which allows them to track in a manner similar to the use of third-party cookies.

Starting with Brave version 1.32 on desktop, the browser will protect users from bounce tracking by automatically recognizing when they are about to visit a known tracking domain, avoiding visiting the tracking site, and browsing directly to the intended destination.

Brave Software’s new debounce feature is currently available in nightly builds of Brave, but will soon be rolling out to all users.

Jumping into Brave

With its new anti-bounce feature, Brave not only protects users from bounce tracking across websites, but also bounce tracking URLs used elsewhere on the web, including links in marketing emails. affiliation.

In order to know which URLs are using bounce tracking, the company keeps a list on GitHub which is drawn from a mix of crowdsourced and existing open source projects, including the URL Tracking Stripper, Link Clearer, and Clear URLs extensions. However, additional rules are also maintained by Brave Software and the company plans to keep this list updated and add more bounce tracking URLs to it in the future.

Debounce isn’t the only protection against bounce tracking in Brave, as the browser uses query parameter stripping and warns users when they’re about to visit a suspected bounce tracking site. .

In addition to bringing anti-bounce to its browser, Brave Software is also working with the W3C to help standardize bounce tracking protections so that they can be implemented by other browsers as well.