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Teaser Money Heist Korea: Professor, his masked thieves are planning a heist. Watch the twist | Web series

The long-awaited teaser for the South Korean adaptation of the hit Spanish web series Money Heist, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, was released on Friday. The Netflix series teaser shared on YouTube, gave a detailed explanation behind the title and also introduced some plot twists. Based on the Spanish original, the Korean version provides insight into a heist. (Also read | Money Heist Korea: The first glimpse of Yoo Ji-tae as a teacher has been released. View the photo)

The Korean adaptation is based on the plot that South Korea and North Korea are about to unify. A Joint Security Zone, located where North and South Korea are now divided, contains a mint that becomes the focus of the plan. As the reunification process begins, the Unified Mint of Korea prints a new unified currency with the aim of building a stable common economy. However, despite hopes for unification, the teaser reveals that only the “rich seem to get richer.” The teaser also showed all the characters together for the first time.

In the midst of this, the professor plans the heist with an ex-soldier from North Korea, Tokyo, and others. Their challenge is a joint task force led by South Korean negotiation specialist Seon Woojin and a North Korean agent Cha Moohyu. The teaser also introduces fan-favorite characters played by new actors – Yoo ji-tae as Professor, Jung Jong-seo as Tokyo, and Park Hae-soo as Berlin. If the iconic red jumpsuits are back in the Korean version, the Hahoe masks have replaced those of Salvador Dali.

The original Spanish Money Heist was a worldwide sensation and one of the most popular web series at one time. The show began airing in 2017 and ran for 41 five-part episodes. The last part

Reacting to the teaser, one fan wrote, “The trailer looks promising. They actually recreate the best version of the best show.” Another fan commented, “Korean is also taking it to the next level, but no one can beat old Berlin and the professor.” “To be extremely honest, I have never seen a single episode of the original series, but now, being a fan of Korean cinema, I will definitely watch this masterpiece…!” said another fan.

“Imagine in one of the episodes a professor cameo or anyone out of nowhere,” one person wrote. “The trailer is just amazing, it would be awesome if there was a minor hint that this shot was inspired by the professor’s shot and we see it as a cameo or whatever, I just wanna this in the same universe as the first and you I say the first because if it’s set in the same universe it would be the second team,” another fan said.

One fan said, “I always enjoy Korean content but now it’s so hard for me to make a comparison with Berlin and the professor… Hope everything is fine, I have to watch this series.” “I don’t think I can predict with this trailer… whether or not this MASTERPIECE is against Spanish… but Korean series always surprise us with their uniqueness.. .waiting for the release,” one fan commented.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area will debut on Netflix on June 24. Earlier, the streamer shared the release date on Twitter and wrote, “Get ready for a bold new take on the ultimate heist. Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Regional Premiere June 24th.”

The first part of the show, directed by Kim Hong-sun, consists of six episodes. The show is produced by BH Entertainment and Zium Content.