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Publishers decide to abandon mobile web initiative supported by Google

Find out what clicks on FoxBusiness.com. Several major online publishers are moving to abandon an Alphabet Inc. Google program that was touted as a way to optimize readers’ mobile browsing experience, claiming it generates less ad revenue. Teleprinter Security Last Change Change % GOOGL ALPHABET INC. 2,638.13 -39.86 -1.49% BZFD 890 5TH AVENUE PARTNERS INC […]

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Publishers abandon Google-backed mobile web initiative

Several major online publishers are taking steps to drop an Alphabet program Inc. GOOG -1.63% Google which has been touted as a way to optimize readers’ mobile browsing experience, claiming it generates less ad revenue. Companies such as Vox Media LLC, BuzzFeed Inc. BZFD -1.10% Complex Networks and Bustle’s parent company, BDG, said it has […]

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The web is the nicest it’s been since 2016 – Microsoft • The Register

Internet is a lovely place? Maybe not, but online civility has improved since 2016, according to a Microsoft study. Let’s not forget, 2016 was when Microsoft launched its swearbot Tay to the world before quickly unplugging it when it became clear that its social media experience had gone completely Nazi after being exposed to these […]

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Tim Berners-Lee on data sharing and the future of the web • The Register

Sir Tim Berners-Lee today said he believes many of today’s global challenges can be solved if people can be convinced to share data – but on their own terms. Tim Berners-Lee He also said the internet faces a number of challenges, such as putting everyone online and the use of data against people, perhaps highlighted […]

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Inrupt, the startup of web creator Tim Berners-Lee, raises $30 million – TechCrunch

Tim Berners-Lee’s startup Inrupt has raised about $30 million in its Series A funding round, a source familiar with the matter said. Forte Ventures led Inrupt’s new round, both said Thursday, but both declined to disclose the size of the deal. The round saw participation from “all existing investors,” including Akamai Technologies and Glasswing Ventures, […]

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Manifest V3: an open Web policy disguised as a sheep

When Google introduced Manifest V3 in 2019, web extension developers were alarmed at the amount of functionality that would be removed for the functionality they provide to users. In particular features such as blocking trackers and providing secure connections. This new iteration of Google Chrome’s Web Extensions interface still has flaws that could be fixed […]