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Is it safe to store passwords in your web browser?

Security and convenience are usually at opposite ends of a scale, so with added security comes added inconvenience. Passwords are a great example. On the practical side, you can use the same password for everything from your bank’s website to a gardening forum and everything in between. Better yet, use the same email address or […]

Web accounts

Your graphics card can be used as a web plotter

Picture: Westend61 (Getty Images) Computer scientists have discovered an experimental new way to track you on the internet using information extracted from your computergraphics processing unit. In a recent paperthe researchers, from universities in Israel, Australia and France, unveiled a unique device “fingerprinting” strategy that uses the properties of each user’s GPU stack to create […]

Web accounts

WhatsApp will have two-step verification on web and desktop

Two-step verification (2FA) is a mechanism that adds an additional layer of protection to the usual layer for logins in user accounts that have this possibility enabled, thus trying to protect them against possible attempts by third parties. WhatsApp has already allowed two-step verification to be enabled in its mobile apps for Android and iOS […]

Web accounts

Tim Berners-Lee on data sharing and the future of the web • The Register

Sir Tim Berners-Lee today said he believes many of today’s global challenges can be solved if people can be convinced to share data – but on their own terms. Tim Berners-Lee He also said the internet faces a number of challenges, such as putting everyone online and the use of data against people, perhaps highlighted […]

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Google’s Core Web Vitals: What Marketers Need to Know

In order to facilitate performance evaluation, on May 28, 2020, Google launched Core Web Vitals, a set of three user-centric metrics called PCL (or largest content painting), DIF(or first entry delay), and CLS (or cumulative layout change). They were designed to help focus on the most important improvements when it comes to a smooth and […]

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Twitter no longer loads AMP versions of web pages on mobile

Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in October 2015. It is a custom web development framework that helps pages load faster on mobile devices. Although this project makes viewing articles (almost) instantaneous, it has many drawbacks. As a result, many users rely on apps like DeAMPify to bypass AMP links. Fortunately, this will no longer […]