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Switch email providers and software with the move to Google Internet

Hello to all friends of Bleeping Computer.

As part of our home internet service, we have been using two email accounts (for me and for my wife) for over 20 years with Time Warner Cable (now merged with Spectrum). We also use Windows Live Mail as an email client on two of our home computers, as well as my home laptop. (Yes, I realize Windows Live Mail is no longer openly supported by Microsoft, but it still works for us, and I really like some of its features.)

For example, I particularly like the ability to create and use separate folders to sort and store emails in Windows Live Mail. I also like the ability to leave emails on the Spectrum server, so that if I read them on one computer, they can still be easily accessed and read on our other computers.

Well, Google is installing Google Fiber in our neighborhood, and we are seriously considering transferring our Internet service to them, because they can offer 1 GB speed for about the same price as 200 MB speed with Spectrum . However, if we change ISPs, Spectrum will immediately disable our existing email accounts and will not allow any email forwarding service.

So to help prepare for this possible change of web address and email address, what I’m looking for are two tips:

(1) Which email provider other than Spectrum would you recommend switching to, and why do you think that would be the best choice for us to use in the long run (because I definitely wouldn’t want to have to switch providers again then notify tons of friends, relatives, businesses and government agencies again of another change of email address (I’m currently considering GMail, Yahoo Mail or AOL Mail, but I am open to other possibilities, both paid and free).

(2) Which email program/application do you recommend as a possible and fairly scalable replacement for Windows Live Mail, which contains similar features, such as the ability to use mail folders and store contacts?

Thank you in advance for your advice and recommendations.