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Subaru Seems to Ghost WRX STI on Consumer Websites

In the wake of news that Subaru is killing off the WRX STI in the future, it looks like the STI is already dead on the company’s US and Canadian consumer websites.

It looks like one could use the build and price tool to evaluate a 2021 STI, but otherwise the car has apparently been memory-blind.

I reached out to Subaru to see if there’s any deeper meaning to be gleaned here – is all STI inventory sold out, or is it just a natural adjustment to the fact that the STI won’t exist in 2022? I haven’t had an answer yet. UPDATE: Subaru responded with a comment that addresses the absence of an STI for 2022 but doesn’t go into detail about the car’s disappearance from mainstream sites: “Yes, we recently announced that there is no there won’t be 22 STIs. In fact, there will be no STI based on the new WRX platform as we look to the future of the product. We are looking at electrification for the next generation. No deadline at this time. »

It is of course not unusual for a car that is not reported to disappear from mainstream sites. It just seems to be happening terribly soon after the STI was announced to be gone, and it’s also a bit confusing that the B and P tool is still in place, but the car isn’t shown otherwise.

Slow news before the weekend, I know. But moderately interesting, all the same.

[Image: Subaru]

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