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Sony Launches Social Media Accounts For Spider-Man Spinoff Madame Web

Madame Web is officially on social media.

Sony Pictures has launched the official social media platforms for its upcoming Spider Man spin off, Madame Webwhich includes Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The Twitter and Instagram accounts both have the same phrase written in the biography: “Madame Web is coming to the cinema”, while Facebook only has one post reading the same thing.

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Madame Web will star Dakota Johnson in the title role and, most recently, EuphoriaSydney Sweeney was added to the cast in an undisclosed role. Based on recent rumors, Sony Pictures plans to begin filming for Madame Web somewhere in 2022, although no start date has been specified. A Madame Web the film was first reported in 2019, with Morbius writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless set about penning the screenplay.

Cassandra Webb, aka Madame Webb, made her Marvel Comics debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #210 in 1980, written by Denny O’Neil and John Romita Jr. As a mutant, Cassandra’s abilities range from telepathy to clairvoyance, though she suffers from myasthenia gravis, a neuromuscular disease which left her blind, paralyzed and on life support. Despite her condition, she also had to use her abilities as a psychic to help heroes like Spider-Man, and before her death, transferred her power to Julia Carpenter, who was the second incarnation of Spider-Woman and later the second. Mrs. The Web. The character has also been used in other media to unite Spider-People from other worlds.

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Spider Man Producer Amy Pascal recently explained where Sony’s Spider-Man spin-off movies – which include Morbius, Venom and now, Madame Web — relate to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “Well, there’s the Marvel universe, which is a container, and then there’s the Spider-Verse movies, which are different, and then there’s the other universe where the Sony characters are,” said she declared. “We’re all very respectful of each other and work together and make sure we’re just additive.”

Sony Pictures began its live-action Marvel spinoff franchise with movies centered around Spider-Man villains, starting in 2018 Venomwith upcoming installments including Morbius and Kraven the hunter. Sony recently added two “Untitled Sony/Marvel Universe” films to its 2023 release schedule, which are set to hit theaters on June 23, 2023 and October 6, 2023, respectively. At the time, fans speculated that one of these films could be the sequel to Venom: let there be carnage. However, with Madame WebSony is also rumored to develop The Sinister Six and another film directed by Olivia Wilde, which would star Spider-Woman.

Madame Web does not yet have a release date.

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