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Snoop Dogg creates “Doggyland”, an animated web-series for children

Snoop Dogg created a children’s show. The rap legend has announced that his new animated children’s series, “Doggyland,” is available on YouTube and YouTube Kids.

The 16-time Grammy nominee announced the news on August 22 with a teaser video posted on his Twitter Account. Snoop wrote that “Doggyland” is a show “where they can sing, dance and learn”. A more extensive video version is available on the official “Doggyland” YouTube channel.

Snoop created “Doggyland” with singer-songwriter October London and “Hip Hop Harry” executive producer Claude Brooks. The show follows a cast of lively dogs who use music, rap and dance to educate children and teach them cognitive fundamentals.

“Doggyland, to me, would be a 3D cartoon series made for kids,” Snoop said in the music video. Although he says the show will be aimed primarily at preschoolers and toddlers initially, he adds that eventually it will be for “kids of all ages because it’s so influential , it’s so educational, it’s so smart the way we put it together with song, dance and education.

Snoop voices Bow Wizzle, a dog who acts as “big brother” or “camp counselor” for the show’s puppies.

Another main character, Wags, is a sweet-singing dog who is “feisty, strong, and feisty”. The two main female dogs in the series are Yap Yap, optimistic and soul singing, and Chow Wow, shy but empathetic. Rounding out the main dogs is Barks A Locks, a goofy dog ​​who raps like Post Malone and is always looking to try “new things to find his passion.”

As stated on the official “Doggyland” website, “The songs help promote social and emotional development as well as age-related cognitive development in the preschool and older set. We cover a wide range of engaging topics such as letters, numbers, colors, animals, good habits, hygiene, acceptance of others and more, plus modern remixes of classic nursery rhymes.

Current “Doggyland” releases include songs about celebrating differences and the importance of sharing. It also features new interpretations of classic children’s melodies and nursery rhymes such as “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”.

The series has a music soundtrack available for streaming. The 16-track “Kids Hits, Vol. 1” is available on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.

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