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Sharib Hashmi on choosing scripts; says “money is important”

Over the years, actor Sharib Hashmi has carved out a niche for himself with various projects and characters, the most notable being “The Family Man” and “Scam 1992” lately. The actor says he would always rather play a good role in a small movie than a boring role in a big movie anytime.

Speaking of the same with a news portal, Sharib says he would definitely choose smaller films given the character is interesting enough to explore. This character need not be visible in every frame. “The role is very important. Nor is it necessary that just because the role is meaty I do it, it should be a complete package,” Sharib told Hindustan Times.

Sharib is set to share screen space with Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan in
Vikram Veda. With this collaboration, Sharib was asked if he sometimes makes big movies for the money he makes, so he can make smaller, meaningful movies where the money isn’t much, like Nawazudding Siddiqui had confessed to doing so earlier.

To which, the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ actor shares that unlike Nawaz, he can’t split things up like that. He considers Nawazuddin to be in a totally different league, and he has yet to reach that position where he can watch such things.

When it comes to choosing projects for Sharib, he admits it’s his instinct that makes him realize how badly he needs a role, whether in independent or mainstream cinema. He also added that sometimes there is less money in big films and it all depends on the budget.

Sharib then added that money is very very important. The actor who is now well placed professionally says he is happy to have the privilege of choosing projects, and is ready to take risks and make mistakes.