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Reading List in Chrome for Android: So you can read webpages later and offline

Over the past few weeks, it has started arriving silently in the browser. Chrome for Android the Reading lista feature available on iOS for over a year and that on Android has begun to show its paw in the development versions of the application.

the chrome playlist is the famous ‘read later’ which popularized applications like Pocket years ago (before To read later), which allowed us to save in a dedicated list all the websites we wanted to read at another time. Now we can easily do this from Chrome.

This is Chrome’s Playlist

Chrome allows us to save websites to read later in two ways. The first was of her performing a long press on an article link. When its actions window will appear, we will see the new option ‘Add to Reading List.

The second option is when we have already opened that website or article that we want to read again later. In this case we have to go to Menu > Add to Reading Listalthough this option does not seem to have been activated for all users yet.

Then, to check out all those saved websites to read later, we have to go to Menu > Bookmarks > Reading List. We will see the unread articles and pages and those we have read. Unread articles may be available offline. The only options that this section allows us are to select and remove articles from the reading list.

Chrome Reading List

If you updated Chrome to the latest version and you see that the “Add to Reading List” option does not appear, you can force it to be activated from the experimental functions of Chrome. To do this, go to chrome://flags from the address bar and activate the experimental function #read later selected the option ‘Enabled (with application menu item)‘. After restarting the browser, it should already appear.

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