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Police warn against fake websites

  • By Chui Chun-fu / Staff Reporter

Police have warned the public against online scammers using fake websites and fake news to deceive people after a fake website claiming to be the Chinese-language Liberty Times (the sister newspaper of the Taipei Times) went viral. published a fake interview with a prominent Taiwanese chef about his investments in cryptocurrencies.

The Liberty Times reported the bogus website to the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) when it surfaced early last year and published reports about it to alert the public to the problem.

The CIB said it used IP addresses to track fraudsters in France, Germany, the United States and several other countries.

The latest victim of the scammers was a woman in her 50s surnamed Yang (楊) who lives in Yunlin County.

Last month, Yang came across the alleged report about the chef and clicked on a link on the page that was connected to a cryptocurrency trading platform, CIB officials said, adding that she followed up. instructions on the platform, entering their name, phone number and other personal information.

Soon after, Yang received a phone call from someone claiming to be an investment specialist and she opened an account to invest in cryptocurrency, transferring a total of $10,000 from her credit card, officials said.

Three days later, Yang tried to transfer some of the US$10,000, but she couldn’t access the money.

She then checked the interview with the chief and realized that it was a fake news page and that she had been the victim of an online investment fraud, added the responsibles.

The CIB has urged the public to remain vigilant against online fraud and to guard against phone calls from abroad that have a “+” in front of the number.

People can call the 165 anti-fraud hotline and report criminal cases on the 110 hotline, he said.

The fake websites have an address that differs from the site of a legitimate media outlet, and they usually have a direct link to a page offering investment opportunities and money transfers, officials said.

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