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Opinion: No one needs a screenshot tool in a web browser

Yes of course…
I’m sorry but it’s retarded to say “only because I don’t use X functionality so it’s useless for everyone” and yes that makes this whole article retarded and the writer a bit too self-centered thinking that the world revolves around you and what you do and how you do things.

People even take screenshots of payments, sometimes you need to do that to show “proof” of a payment you made or a transaction or something. Windows screenshot although easy it’s not the same as it will take screenshot of everything and if you think people are super tech people who will know how to crop and do stuff like that , then again, that makes you an idiot who really has no idea about the people around you or cares because you feel special and people should know what you know.

This should make you believe that browsers with screenshots are fine, especially those that offer full page screenshots and stuff.
Last time someone had to take a screenshot of an article he wrote for a website that seems to be blocked by European politicians’ parasitic criminals, so the guy showed his article without having to write like 50 tweets and then he took a screenshot of the whole article.

Did he use a screenshot on a website? I doubt it, he probably even used his phone and the screenshot feature, but someone in a computer would have an easier time doing this if they knew their browser supported a simple feature.

And no, clueless idiots, stop thinking “bloat”, this literally doesn’t add crap to adding screenshot functionality in a browser, it just “waste” development time, but that’s fine because that some people might use it.
Yandex is even able to replace the system screenshot when you press the silkscreen key. So they are confident that their screenshot function is better than that of the operating system.

People take screenshots even of tweets they want to “archive” in case the OP deletes it, or to make memes out of it or fix the tweet or something, so why is it bad to have an in-browser screenshot tool?
imagine installing sharex just for that, it’s more complicated and stupid.

Back to the days where taking a screenshot and pressing paste in messengers or mail client or whatever will automatically paste the image without doing anything else then it’s pretty easy to use the features of the web browser like screenshot specially when screen printing key or screenshot tool will usually make things more complicated than it should be since you can’t set the action that they will do, like grabbing only a window and not the whole desktop for example.

You probably want to argue because Brave doesn’t care about adding simple functionality and you mean “well, I won’t call them lazy because I don’t need a screenshot either”.
Just accept it, the only reason they don’t is because they are the worst browser development company, even Mozilla can’t be as bad as Brave.
It’s like when they took down RT (censored even though they claim they don’t do censorship) they also started changing terminology because “saying whitelisting isn’t inclusive”, and they started to make many changes but they never bothered to make sidebar useless and make browser ad blocker more CPU efficient compared to using extensions API.
When they added the excuse of being a small team to add extension support to Android (while many even Yandex mobile supports sideloading extensions), but they didn’t mind using all the time for IPFS, Wallet, crypto stuff that they never seem to fix anyway since people have more problems, it won’t make the “web” better.

Are you going to continue to do this kind of useless opinion pieces? maybe you should have started with “Browser doesn’t need cryptoscam in browser” “browser doesn’t need useless Web3 features” like Opera and Brave, “browser doesn’t need no more news-biased propaganda in the NTP that increases memory and CPU usage, especially those that can’t be made blank like Edge” and in many ways the GX stuff in opera, or “the browsers shouldn’t have a useful sidebar where you can pin, websites, messengers or even extension features to get to them faster “” a browser showing the weather is not necessary because I can easily go to anything share and see the weather or time myself without using my browser”

I mean you are discussing the screenshot functionality which might be useful for some and not for others is like saying having a translator built deep into a browser is useless because you only read pages in your native language, so features around a translator shouldn’t exist and “bloat” the browser or ad and tracker blockers because you can install a better extension to do the job like uBlock or Adguard.

That’s stupid your opinion doesn’t matter when you clearly don’t understand how normal people who aren’t tech savvy have to take screenshots of a lot of things and the screenshot feature in a browser is going to make it easier, so let it be, you’re probably just justifying the fact that a lazy company like Brave hasn’t released the screenshot functionality that people have been asking for for 6 years, but then, it’s the same company that in 3 days can release a crypto scam feature or the same ones that say “we’ll fight big tech, they’re not going to tell you what you can or can’t read” yet, they do the same censorship but they don’t call it censorship because “you can still access it inside the browser not through the newsfeed” like it happened with RT, or “we’ll do our search engine the mei their…. but the governments will be able to tell us what we can hide or not, we will do what the government says…. and or the glasses system could even increase censorship in some countries if governments want it.”
The only “relevant” browser that doesn’t have a screenshot feature is Brave, so I don’t know why you argue about other browsers having a screenshot feature, don’t use it if you don’t. Don’t like, it’s not going to kill your dog or give you nightmares at night if you ignore the screenshot button in the browser.