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Netflix launches “Manage Access and Devices” security feature on iOS, Android and Web • iPhone in Canada Blog

Netflix on Tuesday announced the launch of a new “Manage Access and Devices” security feature, to allow members to see which devices their account is logged into.

“With the busy holiday season fast approaching, many of our members will be on the go and watching Netflix wherever they travel to see family and friends. Logging into your account at a hotel or even at a friend’s house is simple and intuitive, but sometimes people forget to log out,” said Netflix Product Manager Charles Wartemberg.

“Today we’re launching Access and Device Management, a new feature in Account Settings that lets you easily view recent devices that have streamed from your account and log out of specific devices in one go. single click.”

This new feature is available on iOS, Android and on the web, worldwide. You can easily see which devices your account is connected to, as well as who recently watched and when, which device and location. There is a large one-click “disconnect” button to disconnect from the respective devices.

Most of the time, people who travel can log in to devices in hotels or Airbnbs, for example, and this feature will allow you to log out securely from any device, from anywhere.

To access Manage Access & Devices on the web, click on your profile, go to Account, scroll down to Security & Privacy, then you will see “Manage Access & Devices”.

Earlier this month, Netflix launched a cheaper, ad-powered version, priced at CAD $5.99 per month in Canada.