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Mozilla adds tiered subscription plans to MDN Web Docs • The Register

The Mozilla Developer Network, home to free and open access to web standards documentation, tools, samples, and other great stuff, goes paid with a premium subscription plan that adds new customization features .

The maker of Firefox today announced the subscription service, called MDN Plus, saying it will add three features for paid MDN users at launch: Notifications, Collections, and MDN Offline.

The MDN Learning Zone and the front-end web developer learning path in MDN were early indicators of what users wanted, said Hermina Condei, senior product manager at Mozilla, noting that MDN Plus marks “our first step to provide a personalized and more powerful experience. while continuing to invest in our always free and open webdocs.”

Mozilla’s MDN Plus FAQ makes it clear that the company has no plans to modify the existing MDN Web Docs site. On the contrary, Mozilla said that MDN Plus will be a net benefit to the rest of the site “as we plan to reinvest some of the earnings from MDN Plus and improve our documentation as well as the overall user experience on the website.”

Here are the paid features of the MDN subscription:

  • Notifications can be attributed to tutorial pages, API references, and other resources on MDN. Notifications are placed in an inbox, where they can be tracked for later review.
  • Collections allow users to store frequently visited pages, add notes to these pages, filter by keyword, and sort by date and title. In addition, collections will automatically create a frequently accessed collection and auto-populate it.
  • Offline access to MDN simply requires enabling it and allowing the MDN Progressive Web App to create cached copies. Auto-update can be enabled to automatically pull changes when you’re online.

MDN users are under no obligation to purchase a subscription, but for those wishing to try the features of MDN Plus, three tiers are available:

  • MDN Core is a free tier that allows users to save up to five articles and provides notifications on up to three articles.
  • MDN Plus 5 costs $5 per month and includes the three features mentioned above.
  • MDN Plus 10 costs $10 per month and, in addition to the features of MDN Plus 5, includes early access to new features and a direct feedback channel to the MDN team.

MDN Plus is now available in the United States and Canada. Mozilla has announced plans to roll out MDN Plus in other countries, “including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, UK United Kingdom, Switzerland, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore” in the coming months. .

Mozilla did not specify what it plans to do with the funds raised from MDN Plus, although it said the revenue would stay inside Mozilla that it “wants MDN Plus to help ensure that open source content from MDN continues to be supported in the future”.

“We are looking at ways to reinvest some of these additional funds into open source projects that contribute to MDN, but this is still in its early stages,” Mozilla said. ®