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Microsoft Store gets a makeover on the web, with a search bar

Microsoft makes it easy to find Windows apps on the web version of the Microsoft Store. The company has quietly launched a redesigned portal for Windows apps on the web, and it includes major improvements to make it easier to find the apps you’re looking for. This includes a new search bar and improved navigation.

For starters, yes, there is now a search bar on the left side of the screen on this new storefront. To be clear, you can use the general search icon at the top of Microsoft’s site to search for apps, but this way the search bar is more contextualized and focused only on apps. Under the search bar, there are also different app categories, so you can explore the different sections. It’s arguably even more organized than the Microsoft Store app for Windows 11, so we wouldn’t be surprised if that became the on-app experience as well.

At center stage is the apps home page, which still serves the same purpose. You get a slideshow with a few main apps at the top and other popular apps when you scroll down. The overall design, however, seems a bit cleaner and more cohesive than the previous version.

The new design also extends to individual app pages. When you click on an app’s name or image, you’ll see the new page, which also looks cleaner and more organized now. At the top, you’ll see the app’s icon, name, and publisher, with screenshots just below. Next to the screenshots you can also see when the app was last updated and in which languages ​​it is available. Notably, the previous version did not mention the latest app update at all.

There is no more tabbed browsing in this design. The app description is below the screenshots (and it’s no longer shown twice), then the ratings and reviews are below. Related apps can be found at the bottom. One thing that seems to have disappeared from the app page is the system requirements.

One final big change is that the Microsoft Store web portal can now install Store apps, a feature Microsoft announced alongside Windows 11 last June. Previously, if you clicked the button to download an app, you were redirected to the Microsoft Store app on Windows to see the full list of apps again and then download it. In this new web version, when you click on the “Get in Store app” button, a small pop-up window will open just to confirm the installation.

Microsoft Store popup to install TikTok from web

This new experience is still in preview, so the older version is still the default if you’re trying to access Windows apps from Microsoft’s website. You can go here to check out the new Microsoft Store web portal.

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