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Microsoft Rolls Out Major Edge Web Browser Update: See What’s New

Microsoft is taking Edge’s collections to the next level. The company has rolled out a major update to its Edge web browser that brings a host of new features to Collections, some of which point it in the direction of Pinterest. Also Read – Microsoft Teams on the Web is Updated with Live Captions, Transcripts and Other Hindi Features

For the uninitiated, Collections allows users to collect and organize web pages, photos, and videos from across the web into a single folder accessible in the browser, including its mobile apps. Now the company has updated the feature making it more dynamic and easier to use. The company announced that now the user can save images and videos to their collections when browsing the web. To save an image or video from the web, all users need to do is hover or right-click the element on a web page and click the Add button to save it to a collection. Also Read – Windows Hacks: How to Factory Reset Your Windows 11 PC

The company also said that in the coming days Edge users will also be able to share their collections with otherswhich will make it easier to collaborate with others. Also Read – Millions of Android Devices Affected by New Security Flaw Lurking in Pre-Installed Apps

Edge’s Collection also gets a Flow of inspiration which will show users a feed with content related to their collection window, which the company says will help you “get inspired and discover other places.”

Beyond collections

Microsoft has also rolled out new features for Edge beyond Collections updates. The company said that Microsoft Bing Visual Search will now be available when users hover over an image. “Visual Search uses advanced computer vision technology to search with images instead of text. Hover Update allows you to easily search for similar items by hovering over an image you find online and then clicking the visual search icon,” the company wrote in a blog post.

The company is also deploying the ability to track users’ favorite content creators on various websites such as YouTube, Bilibili and TikTok. Microsoft said this feature will be limited to a few websites at first, and the company will add more sites in the future.

Regarding availability, Microsoft said that all of these upgrades to Collections will be available on the desktop version of Microsoft Edge in the coming days.