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Microsoft is bringing a dedicated Xbox Gaming new tab page to the Edge web browser

Microsoft has unveiled plans to introduce a dedicated gaming homepage to the web version of its Edge browser. Once introduced, players will gain access to a personalized gaming homepage filled to the brim with gaming news, live streams, highlights, and more.

The page, which Microsoft calls its Gaming New Tab page, is a bespoke destination site for gamers using the Edge browser. In another commitment to gaming, Microsoft itself is introducing a portal for gamers. While providing players with an all-encompassing place to access sites and pages that cater to their interests, the Gaming New Tab page will also highlight upcoming and newly released titles.

Of course, since Xbox Cloud Gaming is supported on PC, the Gaming New Tab page also displays the Xbox Cloud Gaming library and gives players a way to access their recently played games and other related content.

To improve performance, Microsoft is also introducing the Clarity Boost option. Enabling Clarity Boost makes cloud gameplay crisper and cleaner. This option will only be available when playing games in the Microsoft Edge browser on a Windows device.

For the more casual games available on Microsoft Edge, the company is setting up its Games menu. By accessing it, players can easily jump into titles like Microsoft Solitaire, Atari Asteroidsand Microsoft Jewel. Plus, the exclusive Edge title Surf can also be extracted quickly and seamlessly.

To improve gaming performance on Windows 10 and Windows 11, Microsoft is also offering an Efficiency mode when playing Xbox Cloud Gaming titles on Edge. This ensures that games run quickly and smoothly. To do this, Edge automatically reduces resource usage when launching a PC game, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft is also bringing new gaming-related updates to Windows 11, enriching the experience for gamers. Soon, windowed games will be better optimized to deliver improved latency, auto HDR, and variable refresh rate. This is a feature already tested by the Windows Insider program. Windows 11 will see the introduction of a new HDR grading app as well as a Game Pass widget. Finally, the controller bar features the most recent games and shortcuts to game launchers, including the Xbox app. The Controller Bar also allows users to jump back into their games or access Xbox Cloud Gaming without needing to use a mouse and keyboard.

Of course, this news comes days before the big Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase where the company will showcase new announcements and trailers for games coming later this year and beyond.