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The 2021 Big Data Certification Super Training Pack is on sale.

TL; DR: the Great training pack for Big Data 2021 certification is on sale for £ 43.28 starting August 17th, saving you 98% off the list price.

Let’s talk about data. In 2005, people started to realize the amount of user generated data on Facebook, YouTube and other online platforms. A light bulb has gone out and frameworks and coding languages ​​have been developed precisely to store and analyze it. In what seems like a lifetime since then, the growth of big data has exploded. Between social media, IoT devices, and even our choices of cars and streaming services, this is just the beginning of big data, which means the heroes of modern technology are needed to analyze it, visualize it. and use it in a practical way.

Does this sound like something you would like? Find out by signing up for this great Big Data Super Training Package – 113 hours of lessons in data science, machine learning, Python, etc.

Broken down into 15 courses led by the best instructors who work in the field, this training will prepare you for a career in big data. You will learn from an aerospace and robotics engineer, Marc Misin; data scientist Minerva singh; and digital entrepreneur and 4.5 star trainer, Juan Galvan; as well as other tech superstars. Each course is hands-on, so you’ll be coding right off the bat, even if you don’t have any previous experience. Do not worry; you can work completely at your own pace and come back to the information as needed.

There are beginner courses on concepts, methodologies, programming languages, frameworks, etc. of data science. You’ll immerse yourself in coding in Python and R, work with open source Hadoop software, and even find out how you can use your knowledge of Microsoft Excel in the field.

There is a lot to learn and you have to start somewhere, right? For around £ 3 per class it’s hard to go wrong with this Big Data Super Training Package – especially since it is valued at over £ 2,000. Even if you don’t become a data scientist, your new technological skills will be valued in virtually every job of the future.

Save 98% on the 2021 Big Data Certification Super Training Pack

Save 98% on the 2021 Big Data Certification Super Training Pack

Credit: Juan Galvan

Save 98% on the 2021 Big Data Certification Super Training Pack

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