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Kurupira Web Filter Review | Tech Radar

While Kurupira’s overly outdated site might not inspire too much trust, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that its web filter (opens in a new tab) is anything but gorgeous.

It can track all your online activities and collect all this data in detailed usage reports while allowing you to blacklist or whitelist as many websites as you want, including social networking sites and apps instant messaging. In short, Kurupira is one. of the best free web filters.

In their words, the Kurupira Project seeks to have a positive impact on the Internet and participate in the online society by offering its free web filtering software that can stimulate creativity in a safe environment and promote education.

Although Kurupira’s official website hasn’t kept up with web design trends for quite a while, its old-fashioned look isn’t without its charm. Plus, it provides all the essential information about the web filter, a download link, a bit about the Kurupira project as well as an article on Brazilian folklore and how Kurupira got its name in the first place (spoiler alert – it’s is a mythical child creature that casts spells, hates hunters, and likes receiving gifts). Unsurprisingly, the site is available in Portuguese and English.

While the Facebook and Twitter sites are available, they’ve been gathering dust for a few years now.


(Image credit: Kurupira)

Packages and rates

Kurupira offers two products: a web filter for Windows and crossword puzzle software, the latter of which isn’t exactly our cup of tea. However, both products are free for everyone, so you won’t lose anything by trying them out.

Keeping in mind that Kurupira Web Filter is freeware, there are no pricing tiers or prices when we’re at it.

At the time of writing, version 1.3.7 of Kurupira Web Filter is available on the site and works with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. If the download link does not work as expected, it is advisable to try a ‘use another browser (opens in a new tab) – and they’re brave enough to suggest using Internet Explorer.


(Image credit: Kurupira)

Features and Functions

Kurupira Web Filter is a free web filtering software for Windows and it uses an advanced AI-powered capability to filter and block all inappropriate or unwanted sites. If your main concern is keeping pornographic content away from your children, you can rely on Kurupira to do that automatically.

However, if you want to select which sites you want to be blocked, you can do so by adding URL links of those sites to your blacklist/blocklist. And if you prefer a stricter approach, add the links of the sites you want to see to your white/allowed list and block everything else.

In addition to blocking sites, Kurupira can track users’ web activities and keep you informed of users trying to access blocked or inappropriate sites via email. Also, it can filter or block instant messaging apps (like Skype, Windows Live Messenger, and Google Talk) and social networking sites (like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube).

Kurupira also offers a dedicated applications section to keep track of your system software and automatically block all applications containing banned words. As with web filtering, you can also add app names that you never want to see again.

At the end of the day, Kurupira will create a full web usage report where you can see all the sites users have visited (or tried to) and the time spent on those sites.

The only significant downside to using Kurupira’s web filter as a parental control app is that it doesn’t offer online remote reporting, which means you won’t have any control outside of your network. .

Interface and ease of use

To download Kurupira Web Filter, click “Download Now” which will take you to the new page where you can download an executable (EXE) application file. Run the file and install it on your computer – it should take less than a minute. Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart your computer, after which you will be greeted with Kurupira’s three-question form (asking for your age, gender, and location of use). Then you will have to leave your email address and find a password.


(Image credit: Kurupira)

Now, at last, you’ll enter the Kurupira Dashboard and while it’s not up to par with most modern dashboards, it’s surprisingly simple to use, leaving little room for confusion.

In addition to the standard settings section, you have two central categories. The first is called “Web” and there you can enable a web filter, create a block/allow list, control time spent on certain sites, block specific social media sites (unfortunately most modern monstrosities such as TikTok are missing from the list), browse reports and view the user’s web usage history.

The second category called “Application” works much the same way but with (as the name suggests) applications. Additionally, you will get a “Screenshot” feature with which you can take screenshots of your computer screen if you wish.


(Image credit: Kurupira)

Customer service

Talking about freeware, we didn’t have high hopes for comprehensive customer support choices and staff ready to lend a hand around the clock – and unsurprisingly, we were right.

However, Kurupira’s official site offers an email address for all users who are having trouble trying to download (or uninstall) their web filter on their browser – and that’s about it.

We used Chrome and had no trouble getting Kurupira’s web filter to work, but removing it from our computer was another story. In short, we had to use additional applications provided by Kurupira team to uninstall Kurupira Web Filter from our systems and we were not very happy with it.


If you want to upgrade your Chrome browser with a web filter, Guardio and Kurupira Web Filter will do the trick. However, to get all the features with Guardio you will have to opt for a paid plan, while with Kurupira you will get a full set of features for free.

Also, although Kurupira works with most browsers, it only supports Windows. So, if you are using Linux or Mac, you will have to opt for one of the alternatives.

Also, since none of the web filters above support smartphones or tablets, if that’s a must for you, you’ll need to use a tool like BlockSite which supports both Android and iOS devices.

If you’re a Linux user familiar with Squid proxy software and want a comprehensive but free web filter, SquidGuard might be worth a look.

final verdict

Kurupira Web Filter’s main task is to filter out pornographic content from the web and protect young people from distractions and disruptions in the digital jungle – and as far as we can tell, it performs this task flawlessly.

It may not be as polished as other paid parental control apps, but it does a great job for a free app and also offers some nice extra features.