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Jscrambler will highlight client-side web integrity at PCI

PORTO, Portugal, Sept. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — jammera leader in client-side web security, today announced its participation in the upcoming PCI Security Standards Council meeting North American Community Meeting. The company is an PCI Participating Organization and will be exhibiting in the Vendor Showcase. Jscrambler will demonstrate the critical importance of JavaScript integrity and client-side security in stopping widespread web skimming attacks.

Jscrambler Web Page Integrity helps businesses comply with the requirements of the new 4.0 version of PCI-DSS, developed to prevent and detect e-commerce skimming attacks (e.g. Magecart). The new requirements require e-commerce businesses to maintain a complete inventory of every script on their checkout page. Companies must also validate the integrity of each script to ensure that those loaded into the consumer’s browser have not been tampered with.

PCI DSS Expert and Jscrambler Security Advisor John Elliott will participate in a Technology Exchange at the North American PCI SSC Community Meeting. The event takes place September 13-15 in Toronto, Canada. On the second day of the meeting, Jscrambler will give a presentation titled “JavaScript Integrity: The New Attack Surface”. It will show how third-party scripts can be used to extract cardholder data from payment form fields. Jscrambler Webpage Integrity protects the payment page, the e-commerce activity, and therefore the consumer.

“As a direct contributor to PCI DSS version 4.0 and earlier, I look forward to highlighting why maintaining high visibility on web pages and combating skimming attacks are essential steps on the way. security and compliance,” said John Elliott. “Malicious JavaScript is the criminal attack vector of choice for stealing cardholder data that can harm your company’s public image and reduce customer trust. It’s important to implement compliance requirements PCI DSS v4.0 as soon as possible to protect cardholders, merchants and the entire payment ecosystem.

Meeting attendees interested in learning more about web and client-side application security are encouraged to stop by booth #15 and speak to the Jscrambler team. For a comprehensive overview of the leading JavaScript protection and webpage monitoring platform, along with industry-focused research and datasheets, visit Jscrambler website.

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jammer is a leader in client-side web security. Jscrambler’s unique approach to security protects every application component, giving enterprises complete visibility and control of their applications against tampering and reverse engineering. Recognized by the Fortune 500 and major companies in industries such as finance, e-commerce, media and software development.

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