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Jose Andres spends Bezos prize money to help Ukraine

Chief Jose Andres continues his humanitarian efforts. The chef, who is based in Washington DC, has set up mobile kitchens on the Ukraine-Poland border, providing meals to people fleeing the Russian invasion.

Jose Andres spoke about what is happening in Ukraine and what he thinks about it. He shared a video on Instagram where he clarified his position and denounced the actions of the Russian government. “People of the world…Like you, I’m devastated to see Ukraine under attack. We must unite as a force for good! @WCKitchen is on the Ukraine-Poland border delivering meals tonight – soon Romania. In addition to your donations… I pledge the support of the Bezos Prize to Ukraine,” he captioned the message.

In the video, he explained that he would withdraw around $5 million from the Bezos Prize he received and pledge him to help Ukrainians.

Jose Andres was one of the recipients of the Bezos Prize, winning $100 million for his humanitarian efforts with World Central Cuisine, a non-profit organization that provides food aid to areas that need it most, whether they have been affected by a natural disaster or are facing a humanitarian crisis. Bezos’ award has helped the organization achieve a broader reach and help more people in need.