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Is Spotify down? Why Spotify is Down and Why Spotify Web Player Not Working

Why is Spotify not working? Why Spotify is down, what’s wrong with Spotify – and is Discord down too? (image credit: inkdrop/canva pro)

Spotify seems to be down, with users reporting issues with the web player and app on DownDetector and also raising complaints on social media.

Music and podcast streaming platform Spotify, with nearly 400 million active users worldwide, has seen users report problems connecting to the mobile and desktop versions of the app. The issues seem to be largely website-related, with a small number app-related as well.

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Here’s what we know about why Spotify isn’t working so far.

Is Spotify down?

According to Down Detector, which monitors the status of apps and websites, Spotify has been experiencing outages since just after 10 a.m. UK time on Wednesday, June 8.

User reports connected with Downdetector.co.uk hit a high of 381 at 10:05 a.m., falling slightly to 210 at 10:50 a.m.

Spotify’s Twitter Status account has yet to acknowledge the issues, suggesting it may only be affecting a small number of users.

What’s wrong with Spotify?

Users reporting issues with Spotify to DownDetector said that they primarily experience issues with the web player.

76% of reports received by the site identified the website as the issue, with a further 14% identifying streaming audio as the source of the issue, while 11% identified the app itself as the issue.