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How to see unread messages, chats only

WhatsApp Web has a new feature, which many users will appreciate. It will now allow users to filter their unread chats, which means that when you enable this option, only unread chats will be visible. The option is also available on iOS, although we couldn’t spot a similar setting on Android.

WhatsApp Web users should see a three-line option next to the “Find or start a new chat” box, which is visible at the top. When pressed, it switches to an “unread chats” menu. We could see the option on Windows laptops and MacBooks, so if you’re a regular WhatsApp Web user, it should be visible now.

The new feature is particularly useful if you are part of many groups, whether for work or personal purposes. This way, you can quickly see any unread threads and respond to any that might be urgent. It’s also a cleaner, less distracting view on the web version of WhatsApp where you can sometimes spend a lot of time scrolling up and down trying to figure out where a particular chat is.

The feature will be especially useful for those who have a lot of unread WhatsApp chats and might give them an easier way to manage them.

In other news, WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp’s latest Android beta update brings an option for users to message each other on other linked devices. The feature is currently under development. According to WABetainfo, “WhatsApp is working to bring the ability to view your own chat from a linked device in a future app update.” It has not yet been released for early beta testers. A future version of the WhatsApp Desktop beta will likely support this capability.

For those wondering how to WhatsApp themselves, you can just type wa.me/ followed by your mobile number on any mobile browser. You must also add the country code of India at the beginning of the mobile number. Make sure you do this on your primary device where your WhatsApp account is running. Once done, the webpage will ask you to open WhatsApp and allow the same. The chat box will open with your chat and you can now message yourself.