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How to Post a Snap to Your Story from Snapchat for Web

Snapchat for web doesn’t offer the full functionality of the mobile app, but it does allow users to post a Snap to their story. Here’s how.

Snapchat now offers a web client that brings a host of features from the social media network to the internet, including the ability to post a Snap to a story. As the company continues to add new features to its platform, it turns out that some of these features come at an additional cost. He created Snapchat+, a monthly subscription service that provides additional features for a fee of $3.99 per month. There are some unique features users will get with a Snapchat+ subscription, like Ghost Trails, a story rewatch count, and the ability to make voice and video calls from Snapchat’s new web client.


However, not all features of Snapchat’s new web client are locked behind a paywall. The website was long overdue as competing social media sites offer web customers varying levels of support. TikTok has a web client that allows users to watch shared videos, but it has limited functionality. Twitter is a full-fledged version of the platform when open to the web, with full feature parity across the website and app. Facebook and Instagram are similar, with only a few limitations when accessed on the web. Although Snapchat is still limited when it is accessible on the web, it does provide users with the ability to post stories.

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To post a story from Snapchat for web, go to the website and log in with a username and password from your desired device. It will work best on a computer, as mobile apps are better optimized for smartphones. Once the user completes the login process, there will be a clear drag and drop window where photos and videos can be uploaded. Users can either drag and drop content into the window or select ‘Choose video‘ to manually search for content stored on a given device. Then under the ‘Send to‘pages, select’My story.’ The user will have to read and accept the terms of use of the creator, and can click on ‘Post on Snapchat‘ to complete the story post.

Snapshots on the web have the same requirements

Snapchat for official web

Although stories uploaded to Snapchat for the web were probably not recorded using the Snapchat app, the platform’s image and video requirements still apply. Videos can be five to 60 seconds long to upload to the platform, but longer or shorter videos cannot be posted to Snapchat for web. The minimum resolution should be 540 x 960, which shouldn’t be a problem for most downloads. More importantly, Snapchat uses a vertical aspect ratio of 9:16. If videos are not shot in this aspect ratio, they will be cropped, which may affect their appearance when posted. Snapchat for the web offers an easy way to post videos when the app isn’t viable and makes posting from a computer possible.

Snapchat is best when used on a smartphone, but there are some reasons a user might want to post from a website. The social media network is most functional on a phone because there’s no official tablet app — it’s just an enhanced version of the mobile apps. Also, the website is still a limited version of Snapchat, so that’s not ideal either. But for users shooting photos and videos using dedicated still and video cameras like DSLRs, the best way to download content to a Snapchat the story will likely be on the company’s web client.

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