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How to Limit Visits to Time-Wasting Websites on Chrome 2022 Tip

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Check how to limit visits to websites that waste your time on Chrome

Unless you have the willpower of a monk, you know this: you sit down at your computer to write a report, finish a presentation, or compose an important email to be delivered tomorrow. You open your browser to check some facts, and before you know it, you’ve wasted an hour watching sports reports, pictures of cute cats, and your favorite blogs. During this time, you got nothing.

Your will is limited. So instead of using it to avoid wasting time online when you need to get things done, shift your willpower to a tool specifically designed to avoid online distractions when you really need to work. Specifically, we will use the Chrome extension to block your attention while browsing the Internet.

How to Limit Time-Wasting Website Visits in Chrome

Use a strict workflow

  • First of all, launch Google Chrome on your PC then download and install an extension which is Strict Workflow.
  • Just click the Add to Chrome button to get this extension in your browser.
  • You will now see the apple-shaped icon in the upper right corner which belongs to this extension. Now you need to right click on it and choose the options from the list.
  • Now you will have many settings which you can customize or change as per your wish like you can add sites or you can remove some sites as per your wish.
  • Now the extension will start working. Now, whenever you visit these blocked sites, you will receive an error message.

Using StayFocusd

  • First, download and install the StayFocusd Chrome extension on your web browser.
  • Now visit the website you want to block and then click on the StayFocusd extension. You will now have the option to block the site.
  • If you want to set the maximum time allowed per day to spend on a site, open the settings page and configure the ‘Maximum time allowed’ section.
  • Similarly, you can also set “active days”. This option allows users to set the days that StayFocusd will limit browsing activity.
  • You can even set “active hours” to select the times when StayFocusd would restrict your browsing activity.

Final words: How to limit visits to time-consuming websites on Chrome

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