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How to get Primogems for free in a few simple steps

Genshin Impact introduced a new web event called Echoes of The Chasm in version 2.7. HoYoverse maintainers love to hold various web mini-events where players can participate in giveaways for a chance to win free Primogems.

The next patch update will introduce tons of new characters to event wish banners such as Kazuha, Tighnari, Dendro Archon and more. New players and F2P players should take every opportunity to save Primogems for upcoming characters.

Here is a quick guide that players can follow to quickly complete the web event and collect gifts in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Easy Steps to Complete “Echoes of the Chasm” OST Web Event and Collect Free Primogems

“Echoes of The Chasm” – Web Event for Genshin Impact’s The Chasm OST Album Now Live#GenshinImpact https://t.co/Kl0Bk7zS1h

Genshin Impact has released a soundtrack album (OST) for The Chasm. The officials also held a web event around it for players to earn rewards while enjoying these beautiful soundtracks.

Unlike other web events, players only need to listen to one of three OST album tracks of their choice to earn Primogems and more. Click on the link provided in the attached tweet or click here.

Genshin Impact players will be redirected to the HoYoLab event page and there they can scroll down the page to find five OST tracks. Luckily, you don’t have to listen to the entire soundtrack, just play and pause three tracks to meet the requirement. Scroll down to find the “Share with Wind Primogems” at the bottom of the event page.

Click on the option and choose any social media platform to share it on your personal homepage. Keep in mind that this step can be tricked into simply copying the link to the clipboard and having nothing to post to their personal social media account.

Event rewards and how to claim free Primogems?

Apart from the free Primogems, the developers also shared official phone wallpapers with the fans. The web event will be live from June 23 to June 30, 2022 and lucky winners will be rewarded within seven days of the end of the web event.

All players who successfully share the event after listening to three soundtracks from the OST album will be counted as participants for the giveaway. Based on the event rules, two million winners will be randomly selected and will receive 40 Primoegms as well as an event-exclusive HoYoLAB avatar frame.

The raffle results and redemption codes for all 40 Primogems will all be shared on the HoYoLAB forum post after the event ends.

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Winners can choose to redeem their codes on the official Genshin Impact website or through the in-game “Redeem Now” feature. Keep in mind that the redemption code will expire three days after they are announced, contest participants must so keep an eye out for future announcements after this web event ends.

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