How to find a loan despite private credit


A bad private credit and fresh cash through a loan – two things that are generally excluded. If you have negative credit reports, the general assumption is that banks will not give you credit. For many of the well-known major banks that is also true.

Despite bad private credit a loan?

Many consumers have already experienced that their own house bank leaves them in the rain as soon as a few difficulties arise. And with “foreign” financial institutions, you often do not even need to ask for a bad private credit. Fortunately, there are good alternatives that will make you liquid again with a “bad private credit”: Crediter can help you find loans despite private credit. And if that does not succeed then still loans without private credit remain as an alternative.

What negative entries mean at the private credit

What negative entries mean at the private credit

The private credit collects millions of data about each of us. Banks access the database to find out about the potential credit risk before lending or other transactions. The problem with this:

  • Often a bad private credit information says little about the actual economic situation of a prospective loaner.
  • Negative entries can be several years old and still cause problems.
  • In addition, sometimes even a few forgotten cell phone bills are sufficient to be classified as a “risk candidate” from now on.

This causes so many injustices that you as an affected person just do not have to accept. Crediter fights for consumers with uninvolved bad credit and helps with a cheap loan despite private credit.

Credit despite private credit – that’s behind it

Credit despite private credit - that

The banks where Crediter is looking for a loan for you are not deterred by a bad private credit statement. If you can prove a high enough income, the negative credit report hardly plays a role. For some donors even loans without private credit are possible. For these financings, no query at the private credit is required. Conversely, the credit is not registered with the private credit.

If, in the past, you have already failed with loan requests from your bank, then: Do not hang your head! Get help from Crediter – and marvel at what’s possible despite bad private credit. Here you can immediately submit your loan request. Without cost and without risk. Fast processing is guaranteed: go straight to the loan offer.


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