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How to Convert Spotify to MP3 from Spotify Web Player

Official Spotify has launched the download feature for premium subscribers to enjoy Spotify songs offline, using Spotify app on mobile devices or in desktop software. On the Spotify web player, it seems that users are only allowed to stream songs with the connected network, but actually, you can make Spotify to MP3 conversion possible without encryption for offline playback. How to make this possible even without Spotify premium subscription? In fact, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is the only software you will need.

Spotify Web Player Built-in TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Spotify Web Player has been integrated with TuneFab Spotify Music Converter, a powerful software providing professional help to remove DRM encryption from official Spotify songs, playlists and podcasts. Users can access the official Spotify web player in TuneFab Spotify Music Converter just by logging in through your free Spotify accounts, then you are available to select any Spotify content to convert as you like.

Embedded web player

Remove DRM from Spotify songs, playlists and podcasts

When Spotify has limited its download function by using DRM encryption technology, only allows users to stream the downloaded Spotify songs and podcast episodes in the desktop software or its mobile apps, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is usable to remove the encryption and convert Spotify to MP3, M4A, WAV or FLAC in completely DRM-free state. Therefore, users are allowed to transfer the audio files to all devices for streaming without limitation!

Quality equalizer provided

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is equipped with the quality equalizer in the software, allowing users to customize the best audio quality to convert Spotify songs, podcasts and playlists to MP3 or other formats without hassle. It offers the highest bit rate of 320 kbps and the sampling rate of 48 kHz for selection. To reduce file sizes, you can always select a lower quality in the requirements.

Highly efficient conversion speed

As Spotify only takes one click to download Spotify playlists, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter also provides great convenience to deal with Spotify playlist download at one time – you just need to drag the playlists from Spotify playback to a convert button and they will be processed immediately! What’s more, with 5X faster speed and batch download function, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is able to finish the whole playlist conversion process in a short time for you.

Convert Spotify to MP3 in 3 Steps

Now understand how to finish converting Spotify to MP3 in just 3 steps via TuneFab Spotify Music Converter:

STEP 1. Launch the well-installed TuneFab Spotify Music Converter on the desktop, then enter the built-in Spotify web player to log in via your Spotify account (free is supported).

Login TuneFab Spotify Music Converter Web Player

2ND STEP. Now just browse and select the Spotify single, playlist or podcast episodes you want to convert to MP3, then drag them to the floating “+” icon to add them to the converting queue.

Select the Spotify playlist to convert

STEP 3. Then directly select the MP3 format from the “Convert all files to” menu on the top right. When done, tap the “Convert All” icon and the Spotify playlist will be converted to MP3 immediately.

REMARK: To further adjust sample rate or bit rate before conversion, go to “Menu” > “Preferences” > “Advanced” to select your preferred options.

Customize Output Settings to Download Spotify Songs

When TuneFab Spotify Music Converter has integrated Spotify web player inside, it is possible to convert Spotify to MP3 without installing Spotify app or desktop software. With custom quality, mainstream formats and fast performance, it will be even easier for you to enjoy Spotify songs and podcasts right now! Just install TuneFab Spotify Music Converter and get started with its free version from today!