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Google Voice will lose some of its best web features in February

What do you want to know

  • Google is shutting down the old Voice service for personal accounts in February as part of its transition to the new app.
  • However, some of the long-standing features of Google Voice on the web will not carry over to the new experience.
  • These include carrier call forwarding, ringtone scheduling, do not disturb timer, and more.

Google’s convenient service for using a phone number other than your own personal number is getting a major overhaul. The old Google Voice website is shutting down in February for personal accounts, and some of its long-standing features are going with it.

In an email to the few remaining users of the old Voice, he detailed the web features that will be phased out as consumers transition to the new experience (via 9to5Google). One standout feature that will bite the dust is the operator call forwarding capability.

“Carrier-forwarded calls from your linked number automatically go to your Google Voice voicemail,” Google said, adding that carrier-forwarded calls from a linked number will no longer ring on your devices. That said, you can port your number to Voice if you want your devices to ring from a number provided by the top mobile carriers in the United States.

The latest announcement means that Google has completed migrating all features planned for the transition to the new web experience. Google began disabling parts of the old web UI in August 2020 as part of a phased shutdown. The first set of removals included the old Inbox feature and the ability to add notes to call logs (you must upload your notes by March 31 if you want to save this data).

In addition to call notes and carrier call forwarding, Google is removing additional features from Voice, such as the Do Not Disturb timer and ringtone scheduling. You will also need to upgrade your voicemail-only account to a full-number Voice account in order to continue using the service.

Finally, Google will prevent you from buying call credits with currencies other than USD. “Since consumer (personal) Google Voice is only available to US users, by summer 2022, all credit balances other than USD will be automatically converted to USD when their account balance changes to below 0.50 in your current non-USD currency,” Google said. .

It should be noted that the closure only affects personal accounts and does not apply to old Voice accounts through Google Workspace. If you’re one of the first, it’s recommended that you migrate to the new Voice UI before the forced migration, although many of the platform’s best features are still lost.