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Google Finance gets a redesign for desktop and web versions

Google has launched a new redesign of Google Finance for desktop and mobile versions. As reported by 9to5Googlethis is focused on ease and efficiency for users.

Google Finance was launched over a decade ago to help investors manage and verify their stocks. It has remained relatively constant over the years, except for a major overhaul in late 2017.

This is a more artistic and visual change rather than a massive overhaul. However, Google says the redesign Finance has undergone will have practical benefits for users.

Google Finance gets a makeover

Google says the redesign will help find “data about the stocks you care about, market trends, and relevant news to make more informed investing decisions.” In theory, the changes will make the system more manageable and easier to navigate.

There are two obvious major changes to the platform to consider. The first concerns how the information is revealed. The new Google Finance features vibrant colors across the platform.

It’s about making different actions stand out from each other. Previously, actions on the platform looked a bit like a list of search results. Now, Google has moved away from this type of design in an attempt to make each stock stand out and be more visible.

In a statement, Google said “understanding context is key to making informed investment decisions.” With the goal of allowing users to easily find and compare information keeping the organization useful.

Google will change the “Watchlists” feature

Google Finance has also made some design changes to the watchlists feature. This allows users to stay up-to-date with news, statistics, and revenue details that really matter to them. This is designed to provide context on stock movements and allow users to track stock trends over time.

Later this year, Google plans to add model wallets to the platform. Google says this lets you track daily gains or losses and review news relevant to your portfolio.

Now, at the top of the page, you can compare major global markets. It also now has a Google Calendar integration that allows users to view company events and revenue calls. These may appear in the right panel.

Google Finance will also focus on improving financial literacy. Google said “you’ll find explanations and descriptions of key terms and statistics to help you learn as you go.”

An example the company uses is that if you hover over certain terms, you will receive a definition of that term.

The new redesign will be rolling out over the next few weeks in the United States. You should be able to search for it or access it directly on Google Finance.

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