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Every Money Heist Character, Ranked By Intelligence

Once Netflix decided to buy Money theft after its second season, everything blew up for the better. It’s hard to imagine the the show was almost canceled when it scored first place for the best shows in the world. Who wouldn’t love a show centered around eight thieves who decide to steal from the system that neglects their needs and, what’s more, end up succeeding, because of a mastermind behind it all?

One of the main reasons that mainstream audiences love this Spanish show isn’t just because of its multi-dimensional characters, but also because of the tangled master plans and big picture that rarely fails. While Money theft Completed after 5 seasons (the last of which was split into two parts), the Netflix series is sure to go down as one of the best international TV shows in history. As such, here is an overview of each Money theft character, ranked by intelligence.

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ten denver


Let’s face it: Denver (Jaime Lorente) is definitely not one of the smartest people in the world. Money theft gang. Given the kind of environment he grew up in – crime; no mother figure and father in prison – it’s no surprise that he prefers to resolve conflicts with his hands rather than using his head like the professor does. On many occasions, he acted impulsively, such as siding with Tokyo solely on the basis of his unquestioned admiration for her. But isn’t that what makes these characters so endearing? They are human and emotional. Despite his flaws, Denver is a good guy at heart, who knows how to follow orders.

9 Rio


Yes, Aníbal Cortés (Miguel Herrán) was originally drafted into the team because of his excellent computer skills, but other than that he’s basically still a child of Money theft. If not for his immaturity and unwavering loyalty to Tokyo, he would arguably be a major asset to the team. He’s never held a gun before in his life, so when the going got tough, he wasn’t the one to be relied on to take action. And when he finally stopped following Tokyo, he already suffered from severe PTSD and was unable to make logical decisions.

8 Tokyo


Now, Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) is a badass; Either you love her to bits or you hate her with a passion. Nevertheless, his carelessness and utter irresponsibility are exactly what makes up his good and bad traits at the same time. She’s hijacked the entire mission countless times, from her jealousy of Alison in season one and being responsible for Moscow’s death to why they had to stage the second heist in the first place. There’s an abundance of reasons throughout Money theft not to like it. It’s only because she has always acted with her passionate heart rather than her head.

7 Manila


Although Manila (Belén Cuesta) does not appear in Money theft until the third volume, he is an interesting character to study closely. Similar to Denver, she was brought up in a harsh environment and on top of that had to perform difficult tasks due to her gender identity. She was originally supposed to pretend to be one of the hostages and keep an eye on them, but with Arturo acting up, she finally snapped and pointed a gun at him. We notice right off the bat that she’s a badass who can think for herself. She was a powerful addition to the team, and she proves it by doing something no one else was able to do: shoot Arturo in the leg. Well-deserved.

6 Nairobi


Two years later, we are still bitter about the injustices suffered by Nairobi (Alba Flores). Despite what the producers may be trying to explain, she was shot in the chest and had surgery – and luckily survived – then was tortured, and just when you think she was about to be rescued, she was shot in the head and died. That’s quite worrying Money theft killed off two of their most powerful female characters. Nairobi was able to run the gold operation with a clear head, never acted on her own behalf and always had the team in mind. She knew how to balance her own emotions while listening to the teacher’s orders. Nairobi deserved to have a whole extra arc, just like Berlin did.

5 Palermo


Similar to other characters from Money theft, Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna) is a one person train wreck, and you love it or hate it. He hurt many people as he struggled to come to terms with his true self and grieved over Berlin’s death. Despite all that, it’s safe to say that if they got Palermo to the first heist, Berlin would still be alive and everything would have gone according to plan. Yes, he was doing the heist for love, but he was dedicated to the plan. The professor gave him his full trust by making him the leader as they both created the plan from scratch.

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4 Alicia Sierra


Love her or hate her, I think we can collectively agree that Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) directed a few episodes in Money theft with his intelligence and his wit. She is at the top of her game as a detective. Yes, she tortured Rio and gave him PTSD for life, but if we’re talking about her agility, she’s outstanding. Not only did she continue the investigation even after being betrayed by her colleagues, but she did all of this during her last trimester of pregnancy. Not to mention that she managed to find the professor on her own and gave birth in the middle of the robbery without any medical help.

3 Berlin


Speaking of complex characters in their own way, Berlin (Pedro Alonso) definitely tops the list. Many forget that he is a misogynistic sexual abuser when they talk about their adoration for him. But he’s also a narcissistic psychopath who can’t distinguish between morally right and wrong. This is not to excuse his behavior, but an idea that needs to be mentioned. For all his bad traits, when it comes to intelligence, he is at the top of his game in Money theft. He knew both planes better than anyone. He could tell that Gandía was going to be a huge obstacle after an encounter with him. He was in love with the plan and was ready to die for it.

2 Raquel Murillo


You can’t deny the fact that Sergio and Raquel (Itziar Ituño) are the smartest pair ever Money theft. After joining the team, Raquel was able to provide valuable insight into her years in the police force, but she also knows many life skills. Yes, she fell in love with the teacher’s little games at first, but she also managed to find out the truth on her own. His interrogation skills perfectly showcase his ability to understand people on a deeper level and use that to his advantage. She and the teacher perfectly complement each other’s intellect.

1 Sergio AKA “Professor”


Last, but not least, let’s finish with the brain itself: the professor (Álvaro Morte). Throughout the series, he definitely gives strong fatherly vibes to the whole gang. His high level of intelligence could sometimes blind his emotions, but the further the TV show went, the more we could see the “human” side of Sergio. Yes, he always cared about the other characters, but his first and only priority was to make everything work according to his plan, because he hated to admit that he could be wrong too. Despite his tiny character flaws, his intelligence, organizational skills, and attention to detail are the reasons they pulled off the heists.

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