Edmonds Arts Festival announces Gallery Arts award winners


The Edmonds Arts Festival has announced the winners of the annual Gallery Arts awards competition. Judges Darrell Gulin (photography), Lynn Hanson (miniatures and small paintings), Monica James and Melissa Newell (paintings, drawings and prints) and Mike Magrath (3D artwork) sorted over 400 entries to determine the winners, each of which will receive a cash prize, sponsored by a community member or organization. These works, along with all other works accepted for exhibition as part of the Gallery Arts exhibition, will be on display at the Frances Anderson Center during the Edmonds Arts Festival, August 27-29.

The winners and their sponsors are:


  • 1st place: Cheryl Waale, Ruby, Acrylic & Collage, sponsored by DME CPA Group PC
  • 2nd place: Kathy Roseth, Sing a new song, oil on canvas, sponsored by Michèle Unger
  • 3rd place: Timothée Croix, Road flowers, Gouache, Acrylic Transfer, Silk & Wood, in honor of Vernita Anne Bradley
  • Honorable mentions:

o Bruce Howard, Indonesian boats, Oil painting on wood panel

o Catherine James, Roses to flood your senses, Watercolor

o Judith Perry, Koi pond, Oil

o William Walcott, Red dashboard, Acrylic


  • 1st place: Judith Smith, By the light of the moon, Pastel on Paper, sponsored by Suzanne Poppema & John Cramer
  • 2nd place: Jody Romero, Copper, Ink on watercolor paper, sponsored by Suzanne Eklund & Pete Frame
  • 3rd place: Rick Tuthill, Rose in a bottle, Scratchboard, sponsored by Jim and Lynn McManus
  • Honorable mention:

o Sheila Merritt, Watching, Pastel


  • 1st place: Laurie D Brown, Stuck inside, Linocut, Chine Collé, Prismacolor, in honor of my father, OA “Bud” Eklund with Love, Suzanne Eklund
  • 2nd place: Ambre Chiozza, Prodigious potter, Etching and watercolor, sponsored by the Hoff family in memory of Jacqueline and Harold Newhouse
  • 3rd place: Leigh Knowles, And the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the, Linocut, sponsored by Jim and Lynn McManus
  • Honorable mention:

o Ilse Kluge, Fragment III, Monoprint

Miniatures and small paintings

  • 1st place: Lyla Jacobsen, Abstract Floral, Acrylic on panel, sponsored by DME CPA Group PC
  • 2nd place: Patricia McNamee, Crossing the public market, oil on canvas, sponsored by Cheryl MacDonald and Jon Nelson
  • 3rd place: Alison Leigh Lilly, Loop (Mer & Pierre # 14), Watercolor, sponsored by Cheryl MacDonald and Jon Nelson
  • Honorable mentions:

o Mary Anderson, Succulent, Watercolor

o Julie Creighton, Signature of winter, Watercolor

o Beverly Fotheringham, What’s up? II, Acrylic on Ivoirine

o Maren Oates, Heating layers, Acrylic monoprint with seam

o Alice Owen, Clematis Climax, Acrylic

o Kate Shinn, Stray puffin, Pen and ink

Three dimensional art

  • 1st place: Julia Szten, Comfort, Raku Fired Ceramics, sponsored by Carolyn and Lindsey Echelbarger
  • 2nd place: Gabriela Nirino, Chunche, Woven fabric, Warp: Ramie, Weft: Striped corn husk fibers, in memory, honor and love for Larry Sargent
  • 3rd place: Julie Perrine, Forest spirits, sandstone clay, sponsored by Suzanne Poppema & John Cramer
  • Honorable mentions:

o Jennifer Carroll, Prance, Mixed media: Found objects, Beads, Mosaic

o Meredith Chernick, Emergence, Porcelain: Cold Finish

o Jon Schmidt, The dancers, Stone sculpture

o Jerry Steffen Jr., Come-join-learn Japanese sign language group, 3-dimensional paper cutting

o David Varnau, In the moment, Limited edition cast bronze


  • 1st place: Emily Wilson, Sunrise Shepherdess, sponsored by DME CPA Group PC
  • 2nd place: Kyle Goldie, Hamnoy fishing huts, sponsored by Carol & John Eckert
  • 3rd place: William Harris, Sparkling rose, sponsored by Glenn & Judith Works
  • Honorable mentions:

o David Fishman, Crown of Crocosmia

o Kuria Jorissen, Electric waves under the stars

o David Kreft, Hooded Merganser

o Richard Lawson, Tulip Parrot

o Bill Ray, Heron sticks landing

o Geoff Vlcek, Guatemala Street Reflections

o Jane Wierenga, V

o Emily Wilson, Sicilian medieval town

Computer art

  • 1st place: Lynne Greenup, Spring rebirth, in memory of Peggy Jones
  • 2nd place: Geoff Vlcek, Wheel reflection, in memory of Jon Loreen
  • 3rd place: Dennis Ostgard, Solitary, sponsored by Rebecca Ralston
  • Honorable mentions:

o Belinda Botzong, Handsome, CT scan

o Colleen Skinner, Suspension time

The Edmonds Festival of the Arts takes place August 27-29 at the Frances Anderson Center in Edmonds. The hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. Entrance and parking are free.

Visitors will have the opportunity to visit more than 160 juryed art stands on the grounds and view award-winning works of art in the gallery at the Frances Anderson Center. Student art will also be on display at the gallery, including works by Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation scholarship winners. There will be food for hungry patrons and free performances during Festival hours. Each piece of art purchased at the Festival helps fund scholarships and grants for community and public art projects.

The Edmonds Arts Festival has grown from a small community art fair to one of the most prestigious in the Pacific Northwest, attracting artists from across the country and Canada. The Festival offers patrons a unique opportunity to meet artists and purchase their works in a beautiful outdoor setting overlooking Puget Sound. For more information and Festival updates, subscribe to their mailing list at www.edmondsartsfestival.com/subscribe/, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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