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Disney presents Web-Weaver, the very first gay version of Spider-Man

Marvel has once again shown its commitment to providing us with LGBTQ+ content, unveiling a gay iteration of Spider-Man – and it’s giving the woman realism.

“Web-Weaver” is an alternate universe version of the familiar red-suited superhero, set to debut this September in the graphic novel Edge of Spider-Verse #5.

The character dons an unfamiliar look, sporting a sleek, pointed black and gold costume with accentuated flared sleeves, but an intricate image of a spider emblazoned on the back of the costume nods to Spider-Verse iconography.

Web Weaver was designed by costume and character designer Kris Anka.

Anka explained that the inspiration for this character came from the work of Thierry Mugler and Alexander McQueen, while Marvel describes the character as a “not-so-sweet fashion designer” whose “spider powers show us a very different kind of killer. ‘spiders’.

Eisner Award-nominated gay author Steve Foxe will create the story to accompany the character. He stressed the importance of ensuring that Web-Weaver is not treated as a representative of the entire gay community.

From his now private Twitter account, Foxe shared his realization that Web-Weaver “cannot – and should not – represent ALL gay people.”

Web-Weaver’s announcement comes shortly after Marvel revealed “Getaway”, a transgender superhero mutant.

Jit comes as The Walt Disney Company becomes more committed to elevating LGBTQ+ stories. The latest example is that of Disney Pixar Light year, which features a kiss between two women and was later banned in 14 countries.

It’s too early to speculate if Web-Weaver will appear in a future Spider-Man movie, but there’s still hope.

At least two actors who have played the superhero have shared that they are open to more gayness in the role. In a 2019 Sunday time interview, Tom Holland said: “The world is not as simple as a straight white man.

“It doesn’t stop there, and these movies have to represent more than one type of person.”