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[Desktop & Web] Spotify lyrics not showing on iOS or Android app

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The original story (published November 23, 2021) follows:

Spotify’s lyrics feature a global rollout that began a few days ago. Lyrics should appear when choosing the “Now Playing” tab while listening to a song.

However, many users report that the lyrics feature is not available on the Spotify app no ​​matter what they do.

Spotify lyrics not showing for many on iOS/Android app

Spotify lyrics feature is available for both web version and iOS and Android app. However, many reports agree that the option is not available in the app (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11).

Hi guys, I was wondering if there is a problem with my account/app as the lyrics won’t show for me. I have version and the lyrics work on my other (free) account. I have tried logging out several times and no change. I reinstalled the app 2 times and cleared app data – no change.

It seems that most users have no problem with the functionality of the web version of Spotify:


I’ve logged out and logged in, updated, uninstalled and reinstalled my app and the Lyrics feature still doesn’t show up (however, on the browser version of my computer account, it works fine). What else can I do?


Owners of a family account would not yet receive the function

Some reports agree that they are the main account of a family plan. This raises suspicions that the primary user or family account owners may not yet receive the feature.

It looks like the lyrics aren’t showing up on accounts owned by the family. Everything works fine on any other account in the same family. I created a new account and the lyrics show up, but when I switch to my main account, where I’m the owner of the family, the lyrics disappear.


Feature rolled out to specific users

The absence of the lyrics feature on the Spotify app for many users may be due to the fact that the rollout is happening gradually.

Lyrics are still being rolled out to all users. Not everyone has it yet. Some users may see it on one app and not the other.

If you look at past features, they typically roll out over several weeks. I know it’s hard to wait, but that’s usually how most tech companies roll out new features.

Moreover, this is something that has been confirmed by a Spotify support forum moderator:


For now, that’s all we know about it. If there is a related new development, we will update this article. So stay tuned.

Update 1 (25 November 2021)

4:29 p.m. (IST): A Spotify community mod recommends doing the following to potentially fix the issue:

First, we recommend that you log out and then log back in twice. It seems a bit strange, but it forces a synchronization between the account and your device.

If that doesn’t work, you mentioned that you’ve already reinstalled the app, but would you mind following the steps for a clean reinstall, as it’s more thorough than a normal reinstall?

If the problem persists after following these steps, could you try using another Internet connection? (Source)

Update 2 (27 November 2021)

4:18 p.m. (IST): While many users are struggling to get the lyrics feature, it seems some are looking for ways to turn it off. If you’re one of the few, here’s what Spotify Support has to say:

It is currently not possible to turn off the lyrics. Thanks for sharing your idea. It’s worth adding to our ideas board at https://bit.ly/3y96UaH. Others can then vote on it or add to the conversation to show their support. We are right here if you need us. (Source)

Update 3 (April 18, 2022)

1:53 p.m. (IST): A Spotify community moderator has now confirmed that the lyrics feature is now available to all users.

Update 4 (August 15, 2022)

09:45 (IST): Many Spotify users are now reporting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) lyrics feature not showing or working on desktop app and web player.

Fortunately, Spotify Support has acknowledged this issue and confirmed that they are currently investigating. In the meantime, here is a workaround for the desktop app that might help you fix the problem temporarily.

I had the same problem with the desktop app and the web version. Desktop app started showing lyrics after software update i.e. downloading new config file from Spotify website instead of Windows Store. But the web version still doesn’t show the lyrics icon for any song. (Source)

Update 5 (August 17, 2022)

1:51 p.m. (IST): Spotify Support has confirmed that the issue with lyrics on desktop and web app has now been resolved.

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