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Dark web monitoring for businesses: now for just $49

If you want to know who stole your information, who leaked your business documents and who committed financial service fraud, you should purchase this Dark Web Monitoring For Business lifetime subscription. InsecureWeb monitors relevant information, vulnerabilities, and indicators of ongoing or future attacks to keep you one step ahead. Over 14 billion records have been collected historically and millions are added every day.

  • Dark web monitoring: Monitor dark web activity on hidden sites, chat rooms, peer-to-peer network, IRC and much more
  • Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing: Search the dark web for compromised data that could be leveraged to bolster ethical hacking exercises and differentiate your services from the competition
  • Closing new deals: Scan the dark web for compromised credentials, let potential customers know what you found
  • Detect exposed credentials: Alerts when credentials are exposed or compromised so you can take action and prevent an attack
  • PII and Proprietary Information: Delete personal data or proprietary information as soon as possible
  • Social engineering: Prevent email and brand impersonation with robust typosquatting protection and robust email security
  • Renewable credits for life: Includes 1000 revolving credits that are automatically renewed each year
    • All email addresses in 1 domain
    • 3 usernames
    • 3 phone numbers
    • 3 IP addresses
    • 3 personal emails
  • Dark web monitoring
  • API access

System requirements and details:

  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Duration of access: lifetime
  • Use-by date: Redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Access options: desktop and mobile
  • Maximum number of device(s): Unlimited
  • Version: 1.2
  • Updates Included
  • Credits: 1000 (renewable)

You can purchase Dark Web Monitoring For Business: Lifetime Subscription for just $49 instead of $1,342. For more information, click this store link.