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Cyber ​​Thugs Trick Tourists By Booking Money Into Hotel Via Fake Web Links On Google, Case Filed | Dehradun News

Nainital: Over the past couple of weeks, several cases have surfaced of cyber criminals stealing money from tourists, who were trying to book rooms online at hotels based in Nainital. Owners of major hotels in the lake city – including Maharaja Hotel, Alka Hotel, Silverton Hotel, New Bharat Hotel, Atithi Hotel, Channi Raja Hotel and Suntej Plaza, among others – reported that tourists were trying to book rooms at their establishments. are cheated by online scammers.
Upon becoming aware of these cases, the Nainital Hotel Association (NHA) reported the matter to the District SSP. Subsequently, a complaint was filed against unidentified cybercriminals and an investigation was launched.
Digvijay Singh Bisht, vice president of the NHA, told TOI: “The defendants posted false links online. When searching for a particular hotel based in Nainital on Google, a link is found which takes the person to a webpage, which is a replica of the original hotel’s website. These fake websites provide all the correct information about the hotel but change the contact details. As Google is a widely used platform, people don’t suspect the webpage and contact cyber criminals for reservations instead of hotel staff. That’s how they end up losing money. He added that Google should also take action against these bad actors.
Meanwhile, Ved Sah, Secretary of the NHA, told TOI that cybercriminals were grabbing the Google profiles of hotels based in Nainital. This helps them get more traction and trick people into putting fake contact details online.
In particular, the exact amount of losses due to these fraudulent activities has not been determined since, in many cases, hotel owners were not even aware that a tourist had been victimized. scam on the pretext of booking a room in their hotel.