Code Ninjas Milton celebrates its inauguration


Officially open at the start of the pandemic, Code Ninjas Milton has yet to have the opportunity to party with the community. But that changes on Sunday, August 29, when everyone is invited to visit the center, watch various demos and games, take advantage of special program prizes, and have a chance to win a Nintendo Switch grand prize.

Co-owned by friends Shirleen Islam and Sana Mirza, the Code Ninjas Milton programs are aimed at young people aged 7 to 14. The center offers an after school CREATE program that gradually teaches concepts from beginner to advanced level using a belt system, i.e. from white belt to black belt.

“At the beginner level, simple concepts are introduced and a child without prior knowledge can perform activities and, with a sense of accomplishment, progress to more complex concepts and learn the basics of coding,” Islam explained.

Block programming is used at the beginner level, and gradually students begin to code in JavaScript and C #, Islam said.

“The program is very practical and self-paced and encourages children to progress gradually towards more complex concepts. We have coding instructors (or Senseis, as we call them) to provide one-on-one guidance, which is very effective in keeping kids moving forward.

Code Ninjas also offers school vacation camps and clubs featuring popular tech and games like Roblox, Minecraft, YouTube channels, website development, 3D printing, and robotics.

Digital literacy is becoming a key skill for the future, Islam said.

“The future job market will be increasingly technology driven; therefore, it is important to start early and get our children (at) to adapt to this skill early on. The tech industry is developing on a large scale and there is a demand for people in the workforce to develop their skills to keep pace. Each industry also adapts to the need for basic technical skills.

Code Ninjas programs not only teach different programming languages, but they also allow children to “understand” the physical ins and outs of machines and develop soft skills such as problem solving and critical thinking, ”he said. declared Islam. ?

The goal of Code Ninjas programs is to standardize coding as a necessary skill, so that young people are introduced to technology from a more active and knowledge-based perspective, rather than as consumers of their screens. Islam said.

“If they’re already playing these games, they might as well learn something. The kids are having fun and the parents are seeing the results.

Code Ninjas Milton offers STEM-based learning through a video game-based curriculum.

A common misconception is that coding is a special hobby for those who want to get into the tech industry, Islam said.

“While many of our students have a general interest in technology, it is not a prerequisite for a Code Ninjas program.”

Code Ninjas Milton is located at 330 Bronte Street S., Unit 101. For more information, call 365-877-8777.

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