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Change your old web address to one made up of emojis

Opera is the Norwegian company behind the popular Opera web browser. Today it announced that it was the first browser capable of using emoji-based web addresses, bringing a new way to browse the internet.

For the first time in internet history, users will be able to browse the web by typing a string of emojis into their search bar instead of the more usual string of letters and words. Opera’s emojiification was made possible through a partnership with Yat, the company that lets people save personalized strings of emojis. The emoji-centric integration makes it easier for anyone on the internet to find and be directed to Yat pages, which are unique domains generated when a Yat is created from a custom string of emojis.

Users can customize their Yat page or redirect it to anywhere else on the web. Artists in the music world were among the first to use Yats. For example, by Lil Wayne (👽🎵) Yat’s page directs users to his record label, and Steve Aoki’s (y.at/🎂🎵) page takes you to his website. G-Eazy(y.at/🦇🌹), ( Kesha (y.at/🌈🚀👽), Young Money,, 3LAU (y.at/🎵🎵 ) and Disclosure (y.at/😎🎵😎) use those too.

With over 90% of the world’s 4.6 billion internet users using emoticons to express themselves, Opera’s integration of Yats is an easy way for people to be present on the web. Instead of typing many alphanumeric characters into a URL, Opera users have the ability to express themselves on the web. For example, a website might be 🔥🐉 instead of www.johnsmith24356.com.

Naveen Jain is the co-founder and CEO of Yat: “Whether you’re an artist, musician, creator, business owner or just want to increase your follower count, this integration is invaluable, allowing you to Connect and share content more easily with your community through your unique Yat emoji channel.

“This integration is a testament to Opera’s continued innovation in web browsers. We’re excited to partner with them to make URLs more user-friendly and expressive while giving yat creators more exposure on the web.

Following the integration, Yat emoji web addresses on Opera will no longer need to be followed by “.y.at”. For example, instead of typing “y.at/👽🎵”, Opera users can simply insert 👽🎵 into their mobile and desktop browsers to access Lil Wayne’s label. Additionally, emojis embedded in web pages are now automatically linked to the corresponding Yat page. So whenever Yat 😎🎵😎 from Disclosure is featured anywhere on the internet, it automatically links to their Yat page.

Opera says adopting emojis is another step in the company’s commitment to innovation. Opera browsers come with a set of unique features, including a free built-in no-log browser VPN, an ad blocker with tracking blocking as well as direct access to a set of messengers including WhatsApp, Telegram and others. Opera also includes built-in access to music streaming services (Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, YouTube Music, Gaana), Twitter, and Instagram.

To celebrate the launch of the integration, Yat and Opera are launching a scavenger hunt where participants can compete for seven Fvck Crystals NFT commissioned by legendary NFT artist Fvckrender, valued at a floor price of 2.89 Ethereum or $8,907 au time of writing. Additional contest details are outlined below:

  • Each day, The Puzzlemaster, a character from the Yativerse, will reveal a clue sending players on a hunt through various websites for a string of emojis to solve the puzzle.
  • The first person to correctly solve the puzzle will be rewarded with a Fvckcrystal NFT.
  • Players can also win the contest more than once.

For more information on the contest, including how to enter, visit: y.at/🖖➕🚀🕸️👀