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Beware of malicious websites, apps that can steal information: Kaspersky

Cybersecurity experts warn people against blindly downloading must-have streaming apps from third-party websites

As Apple bid farewell to its famous iPod, millions of music lovers could turn to a host of app-based music streaming services.

However, cyber security experts warn people against blindly downloading apps from third party sites. It asks users to do their due diligence before downloading the apps from app sites and platforms.

“It is important to access streaming platforms only with a paid subscription through the official website or an app downloaded from an official app store,” said cybersecurity solutions company Kaspersky.

It advises users to download and install apps for streaming services only from official portals, like Google Play or the App Store.

“Apps downloaded from third-party sites can be infected with malicious files that can harm users’ computers and steal personal information,” he said.

Users are advised to check the date when the application is put on the platform. “App stores proactively remove dangerous fakes, so scammers must constantly create new versions of infected apps. Users should be cautious if an app is new to the store. If it’s new to the store, you better wait a while,” he feels.

Phishing sites

Hackers also try to phishing sites (which look similar to the original sites) to populate apps with malicious codes. Users should check for typos in the website address and stay away from suspicious sites.

“Users must also use complex and different passwords for each streaming platform account,” it says.

“You should not open links you receive in emails, especially if the sender constantly asks you to open the link,” he warns.

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May 13, 2022